Sometimes I wish the Falcons were the dregs of the NFL like back in the old days. The media would beat them up, most likely just ignore the rednecks and laugh at them. Now they cannot ignore the level of talent on the Falcons roster and guess what?,...they are jumping on the wagon. remember your articles, posts and all that.

On some sites the volume of activity has increased lots and it's not Falcons fans but mostly people who would've never posted about the Falcons until now. They saw what the Falcons have to offer in ways such as FF and games and all that and now they wanna be a member,...pfffft. Where were you in 2007? Oh that's right, we had an iggles fan here still posting too, because he/she sees the level of talent which cannot be denied nor ignored anymore. This bitch even bitched about trading up for Julio but is now silenced to a degree but she/he jumped up on that wagon recently. HER posts are here to read. This iggles fan is a joke, biased and swims in a muddy pool of self gratitude which will always be muddy.

They're scared to DEATH! the Falcons succeed, a fact. So they show up on bowed knee and give respect now????

If you were a Falcons fan you KNOW even if the franchise wins a Super Bowl it'll be won in a cheap way somehow. Just know the iggles, gints, orgyIII and Romeos have zero chance to be a SB player this season.