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Thread: FORGET the rookies

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    FORGET the rookies

    Forget about the rookies. The Falcons are making yet another pitch at the Super Bowl.

    Oh yeah, three rookies might make a contribution but this squad is all about the vets on the roster.

    Ever hear the one about how a pass rush helps make D-backs look better? What we'll see is a ton of weapons helping make the Falcons O-line look like a HOF unit.

    Forget about the rookies. They'll contribute but have no way of causing bearing with this team. Julio, White, Jackson, Ryan alone should cause D-coors to lose sleep the week before a game.

    The Falcons lost two O-linemen and guess what?,...that'll make the line a better unit for several reasons. And especially in run blocking. The pass game has become a quick release to a quick pattern somewhat similar to the West Coast attack but much, much deeper thanks to Matt Ryan's abilities to deliver the football under pressure. Thank goodness Vick is an iggle. The replacements on the O-line have been bottle fed for two and three years and will perform admirably, a guarantee. There is no defense, other than the Niners, on the schedule that gives any reason not to think at least 30 points will be scored in every game.

    Hey ya'll,...the Falcons are out to win a Super Bowl just ask them. This is the time for that too, given the schedule against the NFC West and the AFC East divisions. It's time to dominate the Jets, Patriots, Giants and Seahawks. From what I'm hearing in the facility is just that. Older players like Babineaux, Baker, Nichols, Beirman, Coleman and others are talking the right stuff. They know the expectations and are training for a long season.

    **** the rookies,...a Super Bowl win will be determined by the vets on the roster.

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    Itís draft week in the N.F.L., which means every team is optimistic that the key to their next Lombardi Trophy is just one pick away. But itís unusual for a team to build a Super Bowl title around rookies; by my measure, only one team can make a legitimate claim to such a feat. Football historians regard the í74 Steelers as the ideal draft class, when Pittsburgh selected four Hall of Famers and two four-year starters that helped form the core of future Super Bowl champions. But even in the case of those Steelers, it was the í78 and í79 teams that really were built by that elite draft class, which shows that even the best drafts take several years to yield their full returns.
    Source: When Draft Classes Make the Biggest Difference

    If you had to wager -- based on historical data -- your safest bet would be on third and fourth-year players:


    WR Julio Jones
    LB Akeem Dent
    RB Jacquizz Rodgers
    P Matt Bosher

    OL Andrew Jackson - no longer with the team
    DE Cliff Mathews


    LB Sean Weatherspoon
    DT Corey Peters

    OT Mike Johnson
    C Joe Hawley
    CB/PR Dominique Franks
    WR Kerry Meier - no longer with the team
    S Schann Schillinger

    Followed by second and fifth-year players: C Peter Konz, OT Lamar Holmes, S William Moore, DT Peria Jerry, et cetera. Obviously, for Atlanta, a disproportionate amount of value will be provided by its sixth-year players (e.g., Ryan, DeCoud, Biermann, et cetera) while most players drafted prior to that (other than Roddy White) are no longer with the team.

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    can always count on you to post good stuff NL :beers
    "E-A-G-L-E-S ... EAGLES!"

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    It's called a flow,...some call it turnover,...has many names. It keeps salaries down for the big time contracts to skill players and keeps the game fresh. That's why London Fletcher needs to go the **** away imo.

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