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Who said hateful and intolerant things, and what did they say? If you mean that 49ers player who gave his opinion when asked for it, how can not accepting his opinion or piling on (as the media did after he said it) not be counted as intolerant too? He wasn't eloquent but an opinion is an opinion and they did ask him, right? You sound like you want all those guys in the NFL who don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle (and we have to imagine that there are many of these) to either keep it to themselves or go away. Is that your definition of tolerant?
Your putting words in my mouth and then accusing me of being intolerant on the basis of them. An opinion is just an opinion. An intolerant and/or hateful opinion is just an intolerant and/or hateful opinion. As for my opinion on the matter (since you seem eager to make assumptions about it), I don't really care whether or not some people are entirely against the "lifestyle" or not. That's their MO and not mine. I don't view it as inherently immoral or wrong and don't really think religion has a place in government to start with (governments involvement is what makes it a civil rights movement).

Regardless, its a topic outside of football and the only thing that brought it into football was that several players voiced opinions on the matter in a public forum. I don't remember exactly what was said at the time but, multiple players had voiced in and I remember one specifically was of an entirely derogatory nature. Even if it wasn't from a place of pure hate and intolerance, it obviously is interpreted that way by a large mass of people so the media has obvious reason to report on it. Especially considering these guys are role models for kids. The media freaks out when players get too excited during the biggest game of the year. They will make a big deal out of any controversial statements.