Remember 2008? The media based in New York and Jersey before the draft said that any QB drafted early on would get "shell shocked" if they were expected to play from day one,...remember that? They went on to suggest starting a QB from day one would mar the young boy's career. Well idiots look at Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan today.

What was most comical is how the media based there touted the USC QB the very next year and NEVER mentioned him EVER being shell shocked as a starter. Now they are at his throat because of a head band,...and of course his poor play. Sanchez was shell shocked because of the environment in New Jersey and wasn't coached properly. Add the fact Sanchez had the finest O-line and running backs at USC(along with the sweetest cheerleaders in existence), and he was set up to fail after stellar rookie seasons done by Ryan and Flacco. Poor Sanchez,...but his sophomore slump was evident whilst Ryan and Flacco thrived in their second season. Oh yeah,...the media wanted Ryan and Flacco to struggle their second season. Guess who may suffer such a thing this season?


Niners coach almost pulled it off. No one has film study of the guy at the pro level so they approached Cappernick, like the Packers did, from a college standpoint and Cappernick ran all over them. Then Cappernick beat the #1 NFC seed throwing the ball but I guarantee you many opponents of the Niners have been watching the NFCCG and the SB intently. What's so evident is Cappernick enjoyed being new to the scene and had a servicable O-line and a fine RB in Gore. Capperbaby?, won't sneak up on anyone anymore.

I'll eat these words come next December if I'm wrong.

But watch and see Cappernick struggle against the better teams this season.