Today was funny for the Falcons at the NFLN. One guy, Solomon, picks the Bucs and Saints to make the playoffs and later two guys, one of them Donnie McNabb, says the Falcons made the most strides in the offseason, who to believe?

Solomon makes a great point that the aints have the O-mind back on the sideline and the Bucs have REVIS, REVIS, REVIS!!!! One player won't help that secondary. The Bucs safeties are tough in a scheme that's just about sussed, like the West Coast Offense.

Then we have Donovan McNabb and another talking head seeing what everyone should see. Oh yeah, the defense will be younger but listen here,...if the Falcons don't average over 30 points a game this season the O-coor should be fired. Since 1977 I've watched the Falcons and this season's offense is the most talented and deep unit ever seen in Atlanta. Closest team from the past may have been the 1998 Falcons but even then there's no comparison. Some question the O-line, like they question the Falcons D-line and that's a mistake. Some former players, *some* of them like McNabb recognizes something. Something I bet he wished was a part of.

So let the power polls and rankings begin. It's confident, almost carved in stone barring a slew of injuries this Falcons team will make the playoffs. Rookie camp is underway!