or he's stupid,...or he lies to suit his view on players.

The NFLNetworks Brian Baldfinger said something today that was amazing.It was a talk about the new Buffalos QB, the only QB drafted in the first round. The question Baldfinger was asked is ER ready to start from day one,...his answer shocked me because he's done Falcons games for many years now.

Baldfinger messed up and tried to use Matt Ryan as an example. Baldy said Matt Ryan didn't start the first three preseason games back in 2008 as a rookie. It's getting tough to deal with high profile media figures because they've got everyone brainwashed in thinking and you better listen to me and believe it!

Goldmember said the Falcons didn't decide to start Ryan from day #1 until after his start in the last preseason game which is totally mindless and untrue. The Falcons when they drafted and signed Ryan,...well, any fool knew he was gonna take the first snap of 2008 and Ryan threw a TD with his very first regular season pass. Falcons coaches and management said many times before preseason and during it they weren't gonna have a chance of seeing their $75 mil QB get hurt in PS like what we saw happen to the Vick in 2003.

What bothers me is Baldinger's lack of knowledge about the Falcons in a historical perspect,...even 5 years ago???

There's arguing ER has a small chance of starting from day #1 but for Baldy to use a faulty comparison is telling. Hell,...the media LOVES to rewrite history as most of us know.

Baldy will see this post no doubt. He should retract his little piece of stuff and come clean but he won't. They are too proud.