Played LT in college, but due to arm length will probably be limited to RT or an interior position in the NFL. My biggest negative with this pick is I thought the Giants could have traded down and still taken someone of Pugh's caliber but there are a number of other teams picking after the Giants that reportedly liked Pugh in the 1st Round so if he was ranked as high as the Giants supposedly had him (#9) then I could see why they would not risk it in a trade down. A lot has been made about his arm length, but watching his college film he is one of the most technically sound OL (should be since Doug Marrone is a former OL and OL coach in the NFL) and does not take any unnecessary steps which covers up for the arm length. In a lot of ways reminds me of the succesful OL that Kirk Ferentz at Iowa would send to the NFL. Good kid off the field who is a hard worker and lays it all out on the field giving him a higher floor than someone like Menelik Watson or Terron Armstead

I had Arthur Brown and Jamar Taylor ranked higher, but Hankins was my 3rd ranked defensive player at this point. Could be a steal in the middle of the 2nd Round as he was talked about as a 1st Round selection for much of the draft process. Inconsistent as a Junior and may have some motivation issues, but was rarely substituted and at 320+ pounds playing 60-70 plays is difficult. One of the ways you stop the read option and the quick strike passing game is by getting pressure up the middle. Marvin Austin/Markus Kuhn were unable to do that last year and FA signee Cullen Jenkins is 32 so youth at DT was needed. Also improves our run D up the middle which struggled mightily last year

Was talked about as a top 5 pick before an underwhelming performance at the Scouting Combine. Although the 40 time is poor, the 3 Cone and Short Shuttle were among the better times at his position and, really, how often are DE's going 40 yards down the field? Questionable strength (only 12-14 reps at 225). Motivation issues so the coaching staff will need to sit on him. Has been able to get by on his quickness but that will not fly in the NFL. Fortunately he will not be asked to be the starter right away and in all likelihod will be the #4 DE behind JPP, Tuck, and Mathias Kiwanuka

On value alone the Giants nailed it by trading a 6th to move up to take Nassib. That being said, the Giants could have filled more pressing needs after the trade up with LB Khaseem Greene or DB's B.W. Webb, Shamarko Thomas, or Phillip Thomas and if everyone stays healthy I am not sure Nassib gets on the field at all during his contract and if he looks good in preseason another team will give him a shot at a starting job and I am not sure he wouldn't jump at that versus being Eli's back-up until Eli gets hurt or is no longer playing at a level expected of a starter. David Carr is not the long term answer and Nassib is unlikely to do much worse if pressed into service and offers the potential to be one of the top QB's from this draft

Intriguing player who has the size and hitting ability of a LB (and may be bigger than some of our current LB's!) but the speed and cover ability of a S. Ideal fit for the Giants 3 Safety look and the Giants definitely needed help there with the departure of Kenny Phillips as Tyler Sash does not look like anything more than a marginal special teamer. Could be useful covering TE's like Jimmy Graham who thrive on being bigger than your normal S but faster than your average LB as well as spying QB's in the read option

Round 6 - Traded for Ryan Nassib

At this point in the draft it really is who scouts like. I personally had Alvin Bailey graded higher but Herman did carry a draftable grade. Lunchpail type who adds much needed toughness in the running game. Probably fighting it out with James Brewer, Brandon Mosley, and Jim Cordle for 2 spots so may go to the Practice Squad

Round 7 (compensatory) - MICHAEL COX/RB/UMASS
Little used college RB who was buried on the depth chart at Michigan and then started for UMass as a grad student but UMass was consistently overmatched in its first FBS season. Best games came against the 2 toughest opponents (@ Michigan and @ Miami of Ohio). Flashes good receiving ability and posted impressive 3 Cone/SS and Explosion numbers at the Super Regional Combine