Given this '013 schedule the Falcons are poised to impress, be mediocre or fail.

There was a time when I lamented the lack of prime time games scheduled for Atlanta. It's funny because unless it was a West Coast team we played the games always started at 1:00. Late games into the night has us watching Falcons fans drunk as skunks not knowing when to make noise for the defense cause they be drunk. ****, Falcons fans are just like Saints fans now. Kinda like being around someone so long you take up their habits and behaviours.

No more bitching about things, even this ridiculous schedule and granted a few other teams like the IGGLES, amazing having to play three games in so few days to start the season, amazing. Interesting the Patriots were coddled,...again.

It don't matter anymore about cold weather and all that. All that matters now is winning.