Unlike most of you all, I'll admit I've had a few beers. Just went down to the shanty, turned the TV on the NFLN and,...of all things Chip Kelly had been doing some illegal stuff @ Organ. Good gawd it's been a long time since I laughed so hard.

Drama Queen?????????LOL!

Filthydelphia has all the drama in the NFL World! Dream team? LOLOLOL

Watching Kelly in a press conference he reminds me of the now Arkansas coach. Kelly is a joke because he's out of his league to be blunt. He couldn't handle the filthydelphian media last night and he's a lost sob. Told a reporter, "in 5 years I'll let you know who we pick." This guy is completely under water.

Saying that, new trends in the NFL often have immediate success. But as I've preached to all you little people for 20 years, the NFL is the "Great Humbler" given time.

It just tickles me the iggles have messed up their franchise until maybe 2030.