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Thread: News of the century: Joe Webb is now a WR!

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    With Webb moving to WR it is looking more like LB and either DT or CB in the first now. THen it looks like the Vikings are targeting WR Woods in the 2nd.
    All he does is catch TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedMcCombs View Post
    Why do we need 4 QBs on the roster?
    Even if the Vikings don't draft a QB they'll sign one before the beginning of training camp. I might be mistaken but I believe all teams bring at least four QB's to camp. If for no other reason than to have another arm in camp to throw passes.

    I think they will draft a QB though, because this should be the last year of the Ponder experiment. If things work out with Ponder great. If not, maybe the Vikings strike gold and have their next QB on the roster with a year already under his belt.

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