It's almost draft time and there's so many holes and so much BS talk about a SB win I dunno what to think. Do they know something we don't? Relax cause Pen's gonna walk you through it. Hell, I been trying to for nearly a decade.

It's funny about Falcons fans. They are the most ignorant(overall), and arrogant(most of them), in the NFL tribe. Funny though they have not enjoyed the prize after 46 years,...46 years???? But most Falcons fans are teenagers or grown ups acting like teenagers on message boards.

Something ain't right if your players are talking Super Bowl every day and there's no depth at corner not at all,*t the entire defense depends on one LB and both safeties. The only thing I can think is there'll be some dealing soon before the draft, probably happening now as we post. But to stay static doesn't make sense so we'll see what happens.