eeesh, all these Falcons players already doing some talking hahaha like drama queens maybe?

There was one time when one player was added to an already potent mix and it sent that team into championship mode. It was a long time ago but it's happened before. Falcons fans should recall Gerald Riggs left Atlanta to run the ball for Joe Gibbs and they won a Lombardi,...I think that was 1988 or around that time.

And if anyone saw the NFCCG in Atlanta it was the inability to run the ball effectively in short yardage situations that cost the Falcons the game. It wasn't Michael Turner's fault he got hurt early in the game but that had been a problem all season long. The Falcons could score on one play for 82 yards but couldn't easily punch the ball in from the 2 yard line all season long! AND still won 13 games.

The old man at center is finally gone,...THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's the immediate upgrade on the O-line, I'll expand on this later.

Jackson has been a beast RB but oddly he never had much sucess against the Falcons when they met. Could be the Falcons knew to stop the Rams offense you must stop Jackson. Opposing defenses in 2013 will be facing other threats than Jackson now a Falcon. If I'm the Falcons O-coor I'm sitting out in the Sun drawing up plays, drinking some beer and grinning like hell.