Oh NOOOOOOOOOO! A Falcons player said that it's a Super Bowl win or nothing! OH MY GAWD! Talk about putting a target on your back! At least that's what one talking muppet head said today on the NFLN.

Oh I see,...it's alright for a Patriot talk like that and even Steelers players.

What's this lowly Falcons player talking like that?

I maintain if the Falcons win three Super Bowls in a row for the next three seasons, some ASSHOLE talking from New York would find some fault in it all. I maintain that when the Falcons win big games it has cost head coaches their jobs! During the season!

So the Falcons win a Super Bowl in New Jersey in 2014,...a ridiculous place to have a Super Bowl,...see the possible irony? See how things are played out? Must've been the weather or maybe the AFC opponent has an arrest on a coach or a player the night before the game.

It's been going on for so long some of us expect this disrespect. So in essence, **** ya'll.