There is a change in perception of my favorite NFL team. They're(opponets) are scared.

Yadda dadda, White, Jackson, Ryan, Osi, Amungama or whatever his name is and Beerman(watch this boy break out now that Abe is gone), young but seasoned interior linemen, the great coaches, what else? Oh yeah the LB who was saved by Dimitroff. Gonzales coming back for one last try to wear a ring.

But what's fascinating to me is the way fans around the NFL tribe are looking at the Falcons as of today.

Don't care what anyone says but attitude and positive thinking always wins out. This is a key to the Falcons being the winningest team for the last 5 seasons in the NFC. For you Falcons haters that ain't good news cause it ain't gonna change anytime soon.

Sometimes I could bitch about the lack of coverage on a team that has great players, coaches and so forth. So, I've said many times in order for the Falcons to be a dynasty they have to win multiple Super Bowls. At least two. Then maybe we'll see a win over the Patriots in 2013 on NFL Replay. That will happen this season boys and girls.

This season will be so much fun,...jets, bills, niners,'ll be fun.