It's funny how the media labels things like it's carved in stone. They are saying the Falcons are looking into going from the 4-3 to the 3-4 defense.

For the billionth time,...the Falcons have been using both schemes for the last three seasons, even when Van Gorder was here! Sometimes you wonder, these idiots even watch the teams they are talking about? I know they are mostly Giants/Pats/Jets/Steelers/iggles fans but c'mon man! Son of a bitches the Falcons used the 3-4 in the playoffs! PLAYOFFS????

To all you fantasy types out there like lil tal who concentrates on dramas,'s not difficult to learn and play defense. Offense is different but what's the same between the two is they can't be predictable or someone on either side of the ball in the NFL is gonna take some lights out.

I laugh at the NFLN more than laughing at IGNORING some recent troll posts here. Maybe the Goldwater thing made sense in the '60's. Hope the East Coast drops off in the Atlantic and it'll save our country. Hope when it happens it takes out,...nahhh. Even I can't be that mean to anyone even when they deserve it.