Ever been around a fan of a team with a history of winning? Ever been a Falcons fan knowing your team has sucked for 45 years? Does that make the fan of the Lombardis wins more knowledgable about the game? That would make every Patriots/Steelers/Broncos/Raiders/Packers/Niners fans veritable geniuses.

It's all about stability and making sure the roster has the talent to win during the regular season into the playoffs. And then go for it all baby. DAMMIT the Falcons would've beaten the Ravens ya'll. Reminds of 1980 when the Falcons would've creamed the Raiders while the floundering iggles lost in that SB. Dick Vermeil,...pffft.

So why do people like to hate the Falcons? Oh yeah, they'll say they don't hate them but it ain't sincere. In this World you hold respect for something or you don't which reveals your intents like some troll here on this board.

Don't know what to do about this troll. He's been here for 9 years, got me banned and celebrated about it. Guess I'll try to ignore this animal.