Have you ever noticed when people call others a name like asshole or drama queen they are describing themselves? One guy called me a retard and it turned out he was.

What about Ray Edwards,...saying he was labeled a problem by Mike Smith. I remind you all Edwards was a former drama queen in filthydelphia. He was a joke of a person with great talent and now no teams wants him, wahhhh, wahhhh,...so I'll strike out at the Falcons head coach,...waaahhhhh. Sounds like most iggles fans with all this crying, and btw, did anyone know a poll was conducted and 69% of iggles fans think Vick is a joke and they wanna get rid of him? But these iggles players all during the Reid years were pampered and allowed to talk **** and taunt and act like fools. Most West Coast type teams are nothing less than smoke.

So every damn time this troll calls a Falcons player, regardless if it's White or Ryan or a free agent acquisition from one of the iggles rivals, a drama queen he's calling himself and every phillies fan a drama queen. Did you hear from the troll that Edwards is a drama queen how bout the Asaghambi cornerback from the iggles last season? He played well but was still a HUGE drama queen talking **** all the time.

So,...it's alright for HOFamers to be drama queens but oh NOOOOOO not a Falcons player. Transparent idiot.