Been preaching this stuff for many years about winning championships.

Once heard a Falcons coach, Marion Campbell, say all we want is to win games. Heard Glanville say all we want is to make the playoffs and Dan Reeves said the same thing like,...if we get there then we'll see what happens sort of ****.

This has been Arthur Blank's baby for 10 years now. He tried the old 49ers way, tried the college coach(visor), something the iggles will regret with a LOL run and shoot offense. Then he brought in solid coaches and a solid GM in 2008. Drafted the franchise QB, acquired a solid RB, FB and added pieces to the offense mainly to be something to behold.

But when you hear Falcons coaches/players today they are not looking "make" the Super Bowl they are out to win the damned thing.

There's the Redskins, Packers, Patriots, Dolphins, Saints, Bucs, Panthers, the entire NFC West,...Hawks, Niners, Rams and Cards as opponents and this might be the last chance for the Falcons to win it all as they wish, for a long time to come.

At least we Falcons fans are in this position as it stands. Imagine your new coach wears a visor.