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Thread: The Scout's Notebook

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    McShay was saying Patterson was a very raw player: was Juco before last year, not a good route runner. I don't know I don't want to risk one of our 1st rounders on a player that sounds like a risk. Unless I am missing something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reznor29 View Post
    McShay was saying Patterson was a very raw player: was Juco before last year, not a good route runner. I don't know I don't want to risk one of our 1st rounders on a player that sounds like a risk. Unless I am missing something.
    All good points and indeed we have enought holes to fill (CB, DT, MLB, WR, OLB) that we can't take too many fliers, especially not in the early rounds.

    Personally I think Patterson will be fine, and I'd still take him if he fell to us, depending who else was still on the board at the other positions of need. I guess, if you want to keep the glass is half full attitude...we have enough positions of need, none of our picks should be a reach...

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    April 12

    A pretty good source is confirming pretty much what Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reported earlier today and that is that the Dolphins have OOs Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M and Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher rated considerably higher than Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson. As such, the Dolphins don’t appear to be all that interested in trading up for Johnson as has been speculated around the league in recent days, but are very keen to move up for either Joeckel or Fisher. In fact, according to sources the Dolphins won’t rule out trading all the way up to the #1 pick to get one of those guys if that’s what it takes. In fact, Miami G.M. Jeff Ireland confirmed at a pre-draft presser yesterday that the Dolphins, who have extra selections in both the second and third rounds, are prepared to move up in this year’s open round and won’t rule out dealing for the top pick.

    Of course, it could be awfully expensive for the Dolphins to move all the way from the 12th pick to the first pick. According to the generally accepted NFL trade value chart, for example, the Dolphins would probably have to surrender their first round pick in 2014 as well as one of their two second round picks this year, along with the 12th pick, in order to move up to the #1 selection, although it is possible that Kansas City could accept less just to move off the top pick. If in fact the Dolphins are serious about moving up, it might make more sense to talk with Oakland about the 3rd pick, assuming that Jacksonville chooses either West Virginia QB Geno Smith or Oregon DE Dion Jordan with the second selection and that one of Joeckel or Fisher is still on the board. That would still cost the Dolphins something in the neighborhood of a couple of second rounders, but the Raiders might be willing to accept one in 2014 if Miami included some later round considerations this year. Remember that Oakland doesn’t have a second rounder this year after including it as the final part of the deal to pry QB Carson Palmer away from Cincinnati a couple of years ago and would probably like to recoup that selection.

    As noted, for Miami to have a shot at the OT that Kansas City passes on with the top pick (and assuming that the Chiefs don’t trade the pick somewhere else) Jacksonville would have to take a player at another position with the second pick. In fact, the Jaguars are really in a position to have a major impact on how the early selections at this month‘s draft play out, especially if they were to select QB Geno Smith with the second pick. However, the Jaguars have been remarkably quiet about their intentions since sending a full delegation to scout Smith at his pro day last month. And new G.M. David Caldwell didn‘t shed much light on exactly what the team’s hierarchy is thinking at his pre-draft presser other than to say the Jaguars have a couple of players that they really liked for the #2 pick. Caldwell didn‘t name names, but an educated guess might be that the two are Smith and Oregon DE Dion Jordan. Stay tuned …

    And just a quick note on blowing smoke and the like. There have been several comments when a team works a notable player - for example when it was revealed that Cleveland would be working out Smith this weekend - that the team in question might be just putting up a smokescreen to entice another team that wants that particular player into trading up. Fact is that no team is going to trade up with a team they think wants the player; they are going to try and leapfrog that team and trade up with a team that picks ahead of the eam working out the player. Want to build some interest in the pick; let it ’leak’ that there are other teams trying to trade up for the pick.

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    2013 DRAFT BUZZ:

    April 16

    The New York Jets have reportedly put trade talks with Tampa Bay regarding a possible deal for Jets’ All-Pro CB Darelle Revis ‘on hold.’ Ostensibly, the Jets have put the talks on hold while they wait for updates on Revis’ medical condition. Revis, who is in New York for the beginning of the Jets’ ’voluntary’ off-season workouts that got underway on Monday, underwent an MRI that according to sources showed his recovery from a torn ACL to be on schedule if not somewhat ahead of what was expected. The fact that the Jets have put a hold on trade talks, though, is far more likely a pressure tactic in the stalled talks between the two teams. The Buccaneers are reportedly offering 1st and 3rd round picks, as well as a 5th or 6th rounder for Revis, although it is very possible that the first rounder is their #1 pick in 2014. Meanwhile, the Jets are holding out for more in a stare-down that could go on right up until the Buccaneers get on the clock with their opening round pick next week. The strangest part of the whole story, though, emerged on the weekend when there were reports that the Jets were trying to get the Buccaneers to take QB Mark Sanchez and his guaranteed $8M-plus contract for 2013 off their hands. The Jets never really denied the reports, but it doesn’t appear as if Sanchez is still part of the discussion. What is pretty clear is that Jets‘ management have no faith in Sanchez‘ ability to turn the franchise‘s fortunes around so it won‘t be a shock if the Jets make a move to try and acquire one of this year’s top prospects at the position such as West Virginia’s QB Geno Smith, especially if they are able to arm themselves with a second opening round selection at next week’s draft.

    Meanwhile, Kansas City has reportedly lowered its demand for veteran LT Brandon Albert to a high second-round pick at this year’s draft. The Chiefs had been asking for a first rounder for Albert, who is would become expendable in KC if as expected the team selects either of OTs Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M or Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher with the first pick at next week’s draft, but got no nibbles at all. Despite lowering the price tag, the Chiefs reportedly still haven’t generated much interest in Albert, who as the team’s franchise player carries a $9M-plus contract for the upcoming season, although any team that were to acquire him would be in a position to negotiate a new long-term contract. In the end, the Chiefs may have to wait until after the first round gets sorted out as teams needing a LT like Detroit, Arizona and San Diego wait to see if they can draft one of this year’s very promising LT prospects.

    This and that … This is the final week for teams to have out-of-town players in for pre-draft visits and if frequent flyer miles are any indication, West Virginia WR Tavon Austin may be the hottest guy in the 2013 draft class. By the time it’s all done, Austin will have had private workouts and/or on-site visits with 12 teams. And Austin, who most analysts still project to be a mid-first round prospect, will be in Detroit later today for a two visit with the Lions who will have the 5th pick overall next week. Austin also had a private workout with St. Louis over the past weekend. In fact, the Rams, who have the 16th and 22nd picks in this year’s draft, are thought to be the team most likely to want Austin, however, at this point it looks like they may have to move up into the top 10 to get him. Indeed, in addition to Detroit at #5, Austin has also had recent visits with Cleveland and the NY Jets, which have the 6th and 9th picks respectively, while both Miami and Tampa Bay (with picks #12 and #13) are also believed to be intrigued by Austin’s uncommon playmaking ability. And speaking of on-site visits, while most players making the rounds are early to mid-rounders, teams are also bringing in the odd true sleeper. And a couple of unheralded guys who have made visits include California Lutheran WR Eric Rogers and Old Dominion OLB Craig Wilkins. Rogers is a 6-3, 205-pound DIII All-American with 4.50 speed - he was also a D3 track All-American as a triple4 jumper - had 91 receptions for almost 1,300 yards and 18 touchdowns this past season. For his part, Wilkins is a disruptive 6-1, 238-pound OLB with sub-4.65 speed who had 6.5 sacks and 7 other tackles for loss last fall among his 90 total tackles in 2012 ... More positive news on the health status of Utah DT Star Lotulelei after Philadelphia G.M.Howie Roseman confirmed in a pre-draft presser the former Utes’ star is okay medically after that heart scare at the combine.

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    2013 DRAFT BUZZ:

    by Colin Lindsay
    GBN Editor and Publisher

    April 17

    Just one week to go until the start of the 2013 draft, but how the opening round will evolve still looks to be about as clear as mud. Indeed, words like ’unique‘, ’fluid’ and ’unpredictable’ are the phrases being heard most often as teams around the league talk about what they are expecting during next week’s opening round. The simple fact appears to be that even the teams themselves have no real clue as to how the first 5-10 picks are going come off the board next Thursday evening. On the one hand, there is no consensus top player or players in this draft. There does appear to be a small blue-chip group which likely includes OTs Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher, DT Sharrif Floyd, DE/LB Dion Jordan, CB Dee Milliner - and for the sake of argument West Virginia QB Geno Smith - although there is no real consensus as to how those guys line up within the top tier. Meanwhile, the second tier of players appears to be even more fluid with as many as 20 players who could conceivably be selected between the 6th and 15th picks.

    The other thing that makes this draft even more potentially volatile is that so many teams have multiple needs and/or wants that they could conceivably address with their top pick. Jacksonville, which has the second pick overall, for example, has played its card about as close to the vest as possible as still could take QB Smith if the team’s new management team feels its already time to cut bait on Blaine Gabbert. Or the Jaguars also could quite conceivably take the OT Kansas City passes or the Jaguars could go in a completely different direction and select any of this year’s top defensive prospects including Oregon DE Dion Jordan, Florida DT Sharif Floyd or Alabama CB Dee Milliner. The Jaguars are that thin across the board!

    There is a similar story for both Oakland and Philadelphia which pick 3rd and 4th respectively. Neither team has given much indication where its leaning with their opening round pick and like Jacksonville, could take QB Smith, one of the OTs, or anyone of the top three defensive candidates. As such, both Oakland and Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Detroit appears to want to grab either OT Fisher or CB Dee Milliner if either or both when the Lions get on the clock with the 5th pick; however, if both were gone - and its hardly out of the question - Detroit would be another team that could then go in anyone of up to half a dozen directions. Of course, all that doesn’t include the likelihood of several trades involving top 5-10 trades which is a very real possibility. Remember that last year 6 of the first 7 picks at the 2012 draft changed hands before the picking was done.

    And the multiple options for teams isn’t restricted to teams with very early picks. There is a similar story for teams like Pittsburgh, the Giants and Chicago picking, with the 17th, 19th and 20th picks respectively. Even defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore could go in any of the 3-4 directions with the final pick in this year‘s draft. All of this, of course, makes life miserable for us mock drafters, who don’t get much right even when things go by the numbers!

    Meanwhile, Kansas City still appears to be leaning toward taking an OT with this year‘s first pick overall, but really haven‘t left many hints whether it will ultimately be Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel or Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher. It is also interesting that with just 7 days to go until the draft, there has been almost no buzz at all out of Kansas City about any negotiations between the Chiefs and any of the leading candidates to be the first player chosen. Kansas City, of course, is free to negotiate with any player or players in this year’s draft and could actually have their choice signed and delivered by the time they get on the clock next Thursday. And while it has been a few years since a team with the top pick has had its choice signed before the draft, every team picking #1 in recent years has at least talked the parameters of a contract with the various likely candidates they are looking at . And such negotiations have almost become public to some degree in recent years with either the team themselves or the respective agents leaking information to the press to suit their particular agenda. Of course, its very possible that the deafening silence from Kansas City simply reflects the fact that the Chiefs are indeed talking with the representatives of Joeckel, Fisher et al, but that nothing has leaked out. Or it may reflect the possibility that the Chiefs are still holding out the hope of trading out of the #1 pick and are biding their time regarding contract talks, although one would think that the fact that the team with the #1 pick is talking with one or more players would force another team thinking of moving up to actually get a move on!

    Its also interesting to note that QB Blaine Gabbert shared first-tem snaps with journeyman Chad Henne when Jacksonville opened voluntary organized team activities this week. Hardly a ringing endorsement from the Jaguars’ new management team. No question that the first key question at next week’s draft, assuming that Kansas City sticks to the script and selects one of the OTs, is whether the Jaguars take QB Geno Smith or go in another direction. Obviously, if the Jaguars take Smith, the other top 5 prospects on the board get pushed down another pick. On the other hand, if they don’t do teams like Buffalo and maybe the Jets who pick later in the top ten start thinking about moving up. Stay tuned.

    Meanwhile, Philadelphia has reportedly spent a lot of time with Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson this week. The team worked him out at a private workout at his hometown high school in Texas last weekend, while he was in Philadelphia earlier this week for an on-site visit with Eagles’ execs that included new head coach Chip Kelly, G.M. Howie Roseman and owner Jeffrey Lurie. More likely the Eagles are just covering their bases in case both Joeckel and Fisher come off the board in the first three picks, but there is a growing buzz around the league that no one should be surprised if three of the first four picks next Thursday are OTs.

    Needless to say there would be a few broken hearts in places like Arizona, San Diego and Miami if the three OTs come off the board that quickly. Indeed, each of those teams has a big hole at LT and has to be hoping that one of the three top OTs slips to their spot in the draft because there is a big drop-off to the next level at the position. Given that that likely isn’t going to happen - Arizona picks 7th, while San Diego and Miami select 11th and 12th respectively - those teams may have to move up if they want to have any shot at getting one of Joeckel, Fisher or Johnson. Indeed, Miami had indicated earlier this month that they’d be willing to move up. And more recently, San Diego has also hinted that they would be willing to move for the right player at the right price. As we noted in an earlier buzz column that teams that don't get one of the top three OTs may look to trade with Kansas City for incumbent starting LT Branden Albert who would have to move to RT or slide inside to OG, which he adamanty does not want to do, if the Chiefs ultimately draft Joeckel or Fisher. And there are late reports that the Dolphins who have extra picks in the second and third round, have had at lesat preliminary talks with KC about a deal, especially if they lose out on Joeckel, Fisher and Johnson.

    Meanwhile, there are rumblings out of Atlanta that the Falcons may be prepared to move up in order to secure one of this year’s top CBs. The Falcons haven’t ruled out making a really bold move and moving up into range to grab Alabama’s Dee Milliner - remember the Falcons made a similar move two years ago when they moved up from late in the opening round to select WR Julio Jones. And that worked out pretty well in Atlanta. More likely though the Falcons may end up targeting Xavier Rhodes of Florida State and/or Washington’s Desmond Trufant somewhere around the 20th pick.

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    2013 DRAFT BUZZ:

    by Colin Lindsay
    GBN Editor and Publisher

    April 19

    <>Draft clock ticking … Depending on how one counts there are either 6, or a half dozen days until the 2013 draft gets underway next Thursday. Still, though, there really isn’t much buzz out there. Cleveland has indicated that they may be willing to move down from the 6th pick in this year’s opening round depending on who’s still on the board when the Browns get on the clock. The Browns are believed to be really interested in Alabama CB Dee Milliner and likely wouldn’t go anywhere if he were still on the board; the Browns could also be hard-pressed to drop down if Oregon OLB Dion Jordan was still at #6. Whatever, the Browns expect some calls next Thursday from teams interested in moving up in search of Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson, if he was still on the board at that point, although no one should rule out the possibility of all three top OTs - Johnson, Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher of Central Michigan - all go within the first 4-5 picks. At the same time, though, no one should rule out some team intrigued by the play-making ability of West Virginia WR Tavon Austin giving the Browns a call regarding the 6th pick …

    On the other hand, Minnesota, which has the 23rd and 25th picks in this year’s opening round, is reportedly open to moving up closer to the middle of the opening round, although the Vikings apparently aren’t willing to part with both their #1 picks in order to move up; in fact, despite last year’s dramatic rise in the standings, the Vikings still are a team in transition with a number of major holes so in the end may be tempted to stick with their current hand and address those issues …

    With this year’s top 3 OTs all now considered locks to go in the top ten, the buzz around the league is that Alabama OT D.J. Fluker may not last past the middle of this year’s opening round. While he’s more a RT type, Fluker is a big guy with a huge wingspan who could fill a variety of roles at the next level. At the same time, Florida State OT Menelik Watson, the former British basketball player, looks like he could find a home somewhere in the final 10-12 picks of the opening; indeed, there are teams that like Watson even more than Fluker because he has much better feet and could develop into a fine LT at the next level …

    Speaking of moving up, no one should be surprised if either or both of CBs Jamar Taylor of Boise State and Houston’s D.J. Hayden don’t make it out of next week’s opening round. Indeed, no one should be surprised if either or both are selected ahead of fellow corners Xavier Rhodes of Florida State and/or Desmond Trufant of Washington, who have generally been considered the 2/3 corners in this year’s draft after Alabama‘s Milliner. Rhodes, who is long and physical, but not all that quick or agile, for example, may be limited to team’s that play almost exclusively press coverage, while Trufant just doesn’t look as good or consistent on game tape as he did at the Senior Bowl … There’s also a growing buzz that Kansas State LB Arthur Brown could also get a first-round call, while guys who may be moving up in the second day area include Texas A&M RB Christine Michael, MLBs Jon Bostic of Florida and Oregon’s Kiko Alonso, Auburn DE/OLB Corey Lemonier, and Syracuse G/T Justin Pugh …

    Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be draft season without a low Wonderlic score or two being leaked. This year its WRs Tavon Austin and Cordarelle Patterson, arguably the two top guys at the position this year, who reportedly scored 7 and 11 respectively on the somewhat controversial intelligence test. As teams will tell you, though, its rare that anyone’s draft grade gets bumped because of the Wonderlic test which is designed to measure an individual’s ability to think and learn, as well as solve problems and follow instructions. However, a low Wonderlic score can be a red flag as rookies coming into the NFL are asked to absorb and process so much information when they arrive in the league such that teams will at least want to have those players in to test their football intelligence. And it may be that we won’t have the Wonderlic to kick around that much as the NFL reportedly is trying to develop an intelligence test that better measures football smarts.

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    2013 DRAFT BUZZ:

    by Colin Lindsay
    GBN Editor and Publisher

    April 24

    With Kansas City expected to make an OT - either Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M or Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher - with the first pick at this year’s draft, the real intrigue during tomorrow’s opening round will start when Jacksonville gets on the clock with the second pick. And unlike Kansas City, which as recently as the end of last week, claimed to still be looking at 4 players as possible options for the #1 pick overall at the 2013 draft, new Jaguars’ G.M. David Caldwell said at the team’s pre-draft presser on Monday that they know which player they’ll be taking with the second pick. In fact, we wondered initially if Caldwell had inadvertently let the cat out of the bag that the Jaguars would be selecting West Virginia QB Geno Smith with the top pick. On the one hand, it would be almost impossible for the Jaguars to say they already knew which particular player they were taking if it was the OT that the Chiefs passed on because the Jaguars won’t know for sure whether it will be Joeckel or Fisher until after Kansas City actually makes its selection. Caldwell then talked about possibly trading down from their second round pick, the 33rd overall, which will be the first pick on Friday night. Common sense would seem to dictate that if the Jaguars didn’t get a QB in the first round, they would almost have to get one in the second - in fact one would figure they would almost have to think about trading back up into the latter part of the opening round to grab someone like E.J. Manuel from just down the road at Florida State - but here they are putting the for sale on their second rounder. However, the day after Caldwell’s presser, Jags’ owner Shad Khan said he had been briefed on the player the team planned to take with the second pick and indicated he is on board with the selection even if it is at a non-glamour position like offensive tackle. In the process, Khan appeared to be preparing the Jags’ fan base, or whatever’s left of it, for a pretty boring pick, although its also possible the Jaguars are just trying to stoke some trade interest in the #2 pick. Ironically, no other team is likely to make a play to get a QB like Smith, but teams like Philadelphia and Detroit, which have the 4th and 5th picks, respectively, and reportedly are interested in Fisher, just might be inclined to move up to get him. On the other hand, the thought that came to mind with the notion that the Jaguars are indeed planning to take Fisher that its all part of devilishy clever plan by the Jags to put themselves in position to get South Carolina DE Javedon Clowney with the top pick at the 2014 draft. Bottom line, Jacksonville is a bad football team which needs impact players - either a real QB or a disruptive defender - and no RT even a future Pro Bowler - is going to make them a better team. But hey the Jags do have new uniforms!

    Interesting that Oakland G.M. Reggie McKenzie, whose Raiders have the third pick overall, one behind Jacksonville, said he wants to find ‘difference-makers in this year’s draft who can impact games.’ McKenzie also said that he has a pretty good idea who the Raiders would take with the third pick if that’s where they ended up, but that the team has received a number of calls from teams exploring the possibility of trading up to the that spot. And the Raiders are likely to deal if they get the right offer as they have multiple needs and are without second- and fifth-round picks this year because of earlier trades.

    In fact, according to published reports, just about every team with a top 10 pick wants to trade down. Which makes sense as this year’s draft is being described as the ’weakest’ - at least at the top of the board - in over a decade. Teams that are thought to have at least explored the possibility of moving down include Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, Arizona and Buffalo, which hold the 4th thru the 8th picks. It should be noted, though, that some of those trade down interests come only if a player the team wants is not available. Detroit, for example, is believed to be very interested in OT Eric Fisher and would only consider moving down if he is no longer on the board, although there is a much better than even chance that the former CMU star will be taken within the first four picks. Same story for Cleveland, which is thought to like Alabama CB Dee Milliner enough to stick around with the 6th pick, but otherwise would jump at a chance to move down, while Arizona would stay at #7 if one of the top OTs - Joeckel, Fisher or Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson were still on the board at that time. At the same time, there are several teams that could consider moving up including the Jets, with the 9th and 13th picks, and San Diego, which desperately wants one of those OTs, but aren‘t going to get one at #11.Then there is the curious situation of Miami, which is believed to be considering both a possible move up to try and get one of those OTs - and with an extra pick in both the second and third rounds have the ammunition to do so - but failing that would prefer to move down from the 12th selection. All very confusing.

    It could be even more confusing in Miami where team sources told Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald that the Dolphins, who reportedly have had on-again, off-again talks with Kansas City about veteran OT Branden Albert, were talking with Albert's camp earlier today and would like to have him in for a physical. There have been conflicting reports over the past couple of days that talks between the Chiefs weren’t progressing because either the Chiefs were asking too much in compensation or that the Dolphins were balking at Albert’s contract demands. It is also possible that the Dolphins want t keep Albert’s name in the papers to show that they don’t need to be held hostage if they did try and trade up in tomorrow night’s opening round.

    The AFC East is also the site of today’s hottest buzz as there are reports that both Buffalo and the New York Jets are very interested in former Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib. It has long been thought that the Bills were interested in Nassib who played for Buffalo head coach Doug Marrone last fall; it has also been thought that the Bills might consider trading down from the 8th pick before taking Nassib as he is barely thought to be a first-round talet, much less a top 10 prospect. But here come the Jets, who needless to say want to upgrade from Mark Sanchez, who the Bills now fear might take Nassib themselves with either the 9th or 13th picks.

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