Reminds me of a song by the Eagles,...SHHHHeeeeet screw a bunch of eagles, am sick of iggles. SICK of their fans. Deranged, delusional, rude, naturally obnoxious, whatever sickness they got I dunno.

Now,...back to football. A pasty faced muppet head, like talon, said on the NFLN he expects the NOT ONLY the Falcons to go down but the ENTIRE NFC SOUTH???? You should know why,...he's a former Patriot and the NFC South faces the AFC East this season. These former players on ESPN are the biggest homies in the WURL!!!

But today the weather sucked so got some beer and watched the 11-1 Falcons lose to the Panthers in week 13 I think.

Okay guys, I watched that game and now I know why I wanted to forget it. The Falcons come to Charlotte 11-1 and are dominated in the first half. 38 offensive snaps for Carolina, only 10 snaps for the Falcons. The margin between time of posession, 16 to 0 points, rushing yards, passing yards was just ridiculous.

Interesting the week before the Chiefs dominated the Panthers so that may be where fans who don't like Rivera have a beef.

Back to the game,...the Falcons did come back and score 20 points in the 2nd half but the Panthers finished them off by scoring two more TDs. Ya'll may not recall but the Falcons barely beat the Panthers in Atlanta earlier last season. So if any Falcons fans pump their chest out and feel like some kind of elite fan all the sudden lemme know so I can bust his balls.

Oh yeah,...I did not know there were 19 Panthers players placed on IR last season. See,...already knew the roster was stocked as I said. Now the Panthers roster is obviously stocked to be damned. dammit.