You are a bunch of illerate, inbred hillbillies,...yes even you Gerome. You all drive pickups with guns hanging in the back window and you don't have any front teeth. You dip snuff, chew tobaccer and drink beer to excess(hell, I do that too). You mongrels, you neandrathals(did I spell that right?), you uneducated, raw, your ass smells like a skunk, all your women are fat and have this cream looking stuff coming of certain places. You eat too much bacon and grits,...GRITS is what's coming out of those places! Cheese grits at that.

You people do not know the thrills coming your way.

Just make sure when you come to the games, you be wearing yo finest jewwrey and get that hair done up right, or just shave yo het. It's not a football game, it's a fashion statement to you folks. Sit there, don't cheer, don't make noise when we on D and get another Butt Light.

Ya'll make me sick.