A member here brought up a point about the media labeling a player of a certain teams; of course it was one of the worst rags in the nation, just material wise. A paper that has won all the liberal awards and daily prints an untruth here and there that at times had to be retracted or apologies printed for misreporting! Sounds better than they blatantly lied.

It was probably never printed as the member here claims, but look closer at your football articles, as I write this I know that a percentage of fans like these type of articles. The game of football, to anyone who has ever played the game in depth, it is complex and detailed when speaking of some positions.

Sadly, as fans we do not get information; we get soap opera stories and feel good stories. When an actual article comes out about football, there is so little football content in it that it is useless if you want to know of the player his team or anything actually related to football.

There are reasons for this, our idiot production, college, is pumping out what they call journalist every year, and with that title they feel they can intelligently write on any subject.

So pay attention boys and girls, notice the football material or lack there of, and if you’re a fantasy owner, they have already hooked you, and all you will want to hear are stats soap stories.