Never understood it. How NFL fans of opposing teams can be so,...ridiculous.

Okay,...if Osi had gone to the Patriots, it'd been a great move for NE. If Osi had signed with the Eagles it would've meant instant Super Bowl. If Osi had signed with the Jaguars it'd meant he's washed up. Osi signs with the Redskins he'd have been after money alone.

Osi signs with the Falcons and there's Eagles and Giants fans ALL THE SUDDEN putting this player down.

All we can figure is that most people hate the Falcons. Maybe not so much hate but look down at them as a franchise.

On message boards for the last 17 years there has been only one Eagles fan I respected. And she is a woman. More of a man than talon's horse****.

Fact is,...NFC East types consider themselves elite. God forbid an NFC East player with Super Bowl rings goes to Atlanta.

That would mean they're GOING SOUTH.