GD wish I was a mod here,...I'd lock the **** outta this thread just because of a troll. But the troll "won" that battle.

It's been what, 8 years? We lowly, uneducated southern falcons fans just wanted to talk football. Then this nj troll posts a pic of two inbred twins. PnP actually warned YOU TALON! Remember???

There are rules to message boards, follow what the ORIGINAL POST intended to create conversation. GUNDER**** goes right off apparently NOT reading my POST and TALON comes in and calls the new signee a drama queen. Great stuff there TALON OLE BOY! You are the most insufferable little Falcons hater, rating up there with E.F.I.B. Remember him Jett?

You IDIOTS didn't catch my post did you idiots? On the NFLN this morning they said what I said in the post. Lots of old FAs unsigned, day you little people will realize they always say what I say after I said it. Especially when it comes to the Falcons and the macro-study of trends in the NFL. Go to Hell Talon, we don't want your monkey ass here please??????????