As always when I'm around my brother we talk FALCONS!.

My paranoid ass is always looking at the PANTHERS, BUCS & SAINTS!!!!!

Then Atlanta faces the NFC West, the damned Packers, the AFC East and whoever won the NFC East, the Giants I think.

This draft class will have few if any game changers. There are free agents out there with years of experience and no one is grabbing them up as happened in the past. What we're seeing this year is a huge turnover of players. The Packers are an example, the Falcons too. Randy Moss is finally done(as I told you dumb ****s 2 years ago he was washed up along with T.O.)

The turnover must happen unless teams wish to cut players they drafted.

Sometimes it's good to see older players get gone. I could expand on that and given a reason I should.