So just go away,...but you won't. We don't need to hear or read your condescendance because it's become laughable after what your team has done, which is diddly squat for the last 7 years.

Go **** with someone else. Leave us alone here and we might be able to get people coming to the board here and expressing opinions instead of copied articles, you mindless idiot. I've invited several people here and they say oh no,...not gonna put up with that "Talon" person,...they've seen your kind before. Please go away you monster. Until you are banned from the Superbirds I'll never get a community going on here. You are famous like another iggles fan/troll,...E.F.I.B. You don't know efib but he's just like you. Hell, maybe you both are the same troll that HATES the Falcons. Or, both hate Falcons *fans* ahhhha.

Jett has stopped checking this site because of you,...thanks you mother****er.