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Thread: FAU Student Claims He Was Suspended For Refusing To Step On Jesus

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    "I was taught Leftism. I was taught multiculturalism. I was taught moral relativism. I was taught atheism. I was taught scientism. I was taught environmentalism. I was taught feminism. But I wasn't taught Americanism." -Dennis Prager on his college experience.

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    [QUOTE=AZJETFAN;414113]Three little anecdotes;

    At that same company (keep in mind this is a major multinational corporation) during veterans day, they decorated the office with toy soldiers and aircraft, etc. I started looking closer and I noticed that they bought Japanese and Nazi aircraft as well as some of the toy soldiers wearing the enemies uniform. It blew my mind that I was the first person to complain. The head of HR was a former Marine who did not believe me when I told him about the issue and proceeded to accuse me of not being patriotic and called me "un-american"; that is when I demanded that he walk out with me and look for himself. He never apologized to me but they were taken down before I could blink. I also found out after the fact that his office was responsible for putting them up in the first place. He probably did not want to believe me and was very embarrassed after I showed him he was wrong. I never went over his head for him to be punished (the way he treated me was wrong, but not worth possibly ruining a mans career, a man with kids and a family) and he never apologized to me or showed any sign that he was wrong.

    Eh, I have a different take on this (I assume we're talking 20-30 years ago?)

    and I would venture to say the most Muslims would be angered by a proffessor having students step on the name of Jesus, they are more turned off by our loose liberal culture than our military interventions!

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