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Thread: Just in case rthere's someone who doesn't believe that liberalism is a mental disease

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    Just in case rthere's someone who doesn't believe that liberalism is a mental disease

    This should push you over the edge.

    Wasserman Schultz: My Aides Can't Afford Good Meals

    by Mike Flynn21 Mar 2013

    On Tuesday, FL Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her colleague VA Rep. Jim Moran openly whined about the impacts of spending cuts on their personal office budgets. Moran fretted that, with the looming sequester cuts, he may have to cut one staffer from his office. Wasserman Schultz upped his ante, however. She, almost literally, suggested that her staff were on the brink of starvation, due to the cuts.

    Speaking at a hearing of the House Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee, Wasserman Schultz worried that prices of meals in House restaurants are getting so high that aides are being "priced out" of a good meal.

    At the carry-out cafe in the Cannon Office Building, where Wasserman Schultz has her office, you can get an 8oz bowl of Ham and Bean soup for $2. You can buy gourmet sandwiches and wraps for around $5. Both of these are cheaper than I can get at delis down the street from my house.

    Her aides could walk across the street to the Longworth Building, which has a large sit-down cafeteria. Today, it is featuring a roasted stuffed Chicken, with asparagus and mashed potatoes, for around $7. Or, one could opt for a heaping 12oz bowl of Chicken Chili for $3.

    There is also the tried and true method enjoyed by millions of workers around the country: a brown-bag lunch.

    Wasserman Schultz's top aide earns around $160k a year. She pays two additional aides around $120k a year. She has five additional aides who earn between $60-100k a year.

    Whenever anyone proposes cuts in federal spending, Democrats like Wasserman Schultz warn that the cuts will endanger seniors and children. I used to think the argument was just a cynical political play for votes. After Tuesday's hearing, however, I'm afraid Wasserman Schultz may actually believe it.

    If, in her mind, modest cuts to Members' personal offices results in well-paid aides struggling to pay for their lunch, then we will have a harder time cutting the budget than we realize.

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    OMG .. I can't stand that wench. She sounds like Ty Law "my kids gotta eat" comment, and is only adding on to Sugar Daddy Reid's BS about the sequester playing a part in the deaths of the Marines the other day. These @holes never stop playing politics.

    The only one worse is that smarmy twit in FL. The blonde. It's amazing how many despicable scumbags this Administration has unearthed. Or are they representative of the general public at this point?

    If there is a God, we'll have a Conservative to clean house and drain the swamp in 2016.

    If not, we are officially Sodom. :behindsof

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    (5) $75K aides!
    bet cha the $160k aide is hung like a horse :lolflag:

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFL12 View Post
    (5) $75K aides!
    bet cha the $160k aide is hung like a horse :lolflag:
    I'm sure these aides all have bright futures as lobbyists or high paid bureaucrats.

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    PP is in agreement:

    Paula Priesse
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    March 22nd – 1) An astonishing 43% of all college grades today are As. Lib colleges reward mediocrity and fail to teach meaningful skills. Result? Employers now complain graduates are woefully unprepared. 1 in 2 can’t find jobs. Failure = more government dependency. 2) Obamanomics increased taxes & regulation. Result? High unemployment, lower wages, rising prices and 50% more on food stamps. Failure = more government dependency. 3) Obamacare provides poorer healthcare, skyrocketing premiums and the inevitable bankruptcy of the private insurance industry. All part of the plan. Result? Single Payer here we come. Failure = more government dependency. 4) Decades of declining morality, sex ed and abortion on demand. Result? 48% of first births are now out of wedlock. Failure = more government dependency. 5) Unsecured Mexican border. Result? Millions of illegals. Failure = more government dependency. Successful people have little need for big government. That’s why liberals promote, depend & thrive on failure. Sick puppies! P

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    I guess the billions of rounds of ammunition are for when the government can't pay the benefits checks or when inflation causes a loaf of bread to be $20 causing people to riot in the streets.

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