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Thread: Cracks in the Pipeline?

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    Cracks in the Pipeline?


    This is the second of a series of articles examining the underlying validity of the assertion that regulation of the financial markets reduces their efficiency. These articles assert that the value of the financial markets is often mis-measured. The efficiency of the market in intermediating flows between capital investors and capital users (like manufacturing and service businesses, individuals and governments) is the proper measure. Unregulated markets are found to be chronically inefficient using this standard. This costs the economy enormous amounts each year. In addition, the inefficiencies create stresses to the system that make systemic crises inevitable. Only prudent regulation that moderates trading behavior can reduce these inefficiencies.

    Without further ado, I submit Part Two for approval:

    Re: Part One

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    smart regulation is fundamental to all capitalistic systems, and I dont think you'll get an arguement out of anyone here that wall street needs to be watched very closely with their slimy trading instruments. I dont like the fact that the financial sector is viewed synonymous with capitalism, its just a sleazy part of it. there are thousands of anti-trust laws, SOx laws anti-dumping etc etc etc to keep the playing field fair and competitive. smart regulation is fine!

    btw the author is a big fan of competition!

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