Looks like this trend towards high powered offenses and average defenses will continue.

A question and my answer,...why didn't the 2012 Cowboys and Steelers reach the playoffs? Both teams offenses couldn't overcome the slack ass defenses they both had.

The Saints won a Super Bowl with a low ranked defense, so did the Cardinals reach a Super Bowl with a red hot offense.

There are a few teams wanting to run up scoring,...Patriots, Falcons, Lions for example and then there's those wanting balance on both sides of the ball.

For now it appears the best two teams in the league are the Ravens and Niners, especially the Niners. It is so lucky, the timing, when a team's defense and the offense and the special teams all CLICK.

Can't wait for the power rankings,...I assure you all a 13-3 team will be ranked no higher than 5th. :ms: