I was a kid when all those hippies went crazy in the '60's. Those people are revolutionaries and almost in today's standard, terrorists. Funny that some of them are ruling in Washington now.

Been scanning boards and people are accepting the crown rule like it's nothing. But not this guy,...

Some of the best views on what's happening with all the recent rule changes in the NFL comes from political venues. Even that bellowing bastard Rush Limbaugh got it right today. My conservative brother sent me the text.

When I learned that the vote by ownership was 31-1, well, personally I have a whole lot of respect for the Bengals than I did before today.

The owners cowered when Maurice Smith made his threats. Apparently there's a shift of power from the owners to the player's union and of course the commish. In the old days the owners set the rules, NO MORE!

Funny thing my first thought was why wear helmets at all? Yeah silly but believe it or not as teenagers we'd play tackle football with no pads or helmets. And it was as physical as anything. Bloody elbows, tearing shirts off making tackles it was FUN!

Bunch of damn pussies.

And anyone who has played football got a ringing in your ear from a hit and act like you're okay so they won't take you out. And you are okay after a play to get you back to reality.

What pisses me off is myself and friends have invested thousands through the years on season tickets, buying their hats, shirts and the Falcons when they've been a physical team usually does well.

I could go on and on about this horse****. How does a runner outside the tackles and downfield protect himself now? This **** is ridiculous.

Interesting he mentioned Maurice Smith.