Where the Hell have these picks been through the years?

First round: No. 30 overall
Second round: No. 60 overall
Third round: No. 92 overall
Fourth round: No. 127 overall
Fourth round: No. 133 overall
Fifth round: No. 163 overall
Sixth round: No. 198 overall
Seventh round: No. 236 overall
Seventh round: No. 243 overall
Seventh round: No. 244 overall
Seventh round: No. 249 overall

Well, well,...the Falcons finally get some comp picks after never having them before. One 4th round and THREE 7th round picks.

It's that "secret formula" ya see.

What the freaking secret formula is favoritism and when the Falcons start getting love from the ivory towers in NYC it means a back stabbing setup or sure enough *allowing* this franchise to become elite.