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Thread: Morris vs. Kiick

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    Morris vs. Kiick

    A lot of Finfans and, traveling around the South part of the country, football fans in general, really liked the Miami Dolphins 1972-4 teams. Didn't think they would win the Super Bowl against the Skins, but I liked them quite a bit, too. My favorite character on that team was Jim Kiick, because he hated practice and was known as a counter-posing element to Don Shula - Was Kiick actually worth a marquis standing as Butch next to Sundance Kid - or did Shoes make the right call to move him into situational substitution?

    Well, I think Shula made a great decision to start Morris and plug Kiick in as a third down back who trots in for long yardage situations acting as a receiver option. Was situational substitution overused since then - sure. The Dolphins always became well read in that regard.

    Trying to use Morris as a multiple threat was never a good idea. In one game during the '73 season, Mercury dropped three straight flare passes that most fans could have easily gathered in, the last time showing his frustration at it by spiking the stupid ball so hard, it bounced twenty 20' off the JRS astrorug.

    Kiick on the other hand was always cool and collected (like Griese,) but never had what you would call breakaway speed. He was unspectacular to say the least, but ran well through the holes or chasing behind with Csonka blocking for him. Like Csonk he never fumbled, and played best under pressure.

    What if Kiick wasn't there? Shoot, '72 Fins prolly would've lost a game or two. He was a vital threat as a receiver for the Fins' conservative offense. Without Mercury? they prolly would have been in the same predicament--he ground up a lot of yardage for them. You wouldn't have suspected this, but Morris was the strongest guy on the Dolphins bench-pressing. Between him and Csonka, who would you want to try and tackle?

    Here's a side-by-side bio of them http://www.spotlightwww.com/document...ercury2007.pdf


    They don't tell you a lot about after football. By any standard, Jim Kiick is the one who has changed. When he played football, you couldn't tell if he was mod or scruffy. Long hair with a droop mustache or beard, he wore outlandish clothing in styles of the '70s, even spangles and beads. He was a good-time Charlie who hated the rigors of conditioning. Now he's a PI-a sort of real-life version of Hunter, from the TV show played by Fred Dryer.

    Kiick and Morris remained polar opposites on and off the field. Because Kiick started for the Fins a little earlier and caught passes, his 6061 is more than that of Mercury's total of 4646 combined yards from scrimmage, so IMO Jim Kiick was the better overall back. And still is.

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