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    Trending with the NFL

    Arthur Blank has been famous for this. He looked at winning NFL franchises and tries to emulate them. It started with Jim Mora JUNIOR and his affiliation with Joe, ahem I meant Bill Walsh. Ya know, the WCO and all that ****! Then Blank tried a college coach,...sooooooo pig!!! Today everything's just hunkey dorey after so many regular season games won and two division titles in the last 5 seasons.

    Now what?

    If anyone has noticed, which few have, the Falcons became pass-happy last season. In fact it became more of a passing attack on offense when Gonzales signed in 2009. As I tried to tell the idiots, Mike Mularkey was forced to feature this future HOFamer and this season will be no different. And I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Gonzales has been great the last 4 years in Atlanta. He did benefit from two of the best WRs in the NFL stretching the field out along with a stubborn run game.

    This trend could change some however with the addition of Jackson. There's still gonna be the long tosses to Jones and White but now a defensive coor must take into account Jackson, not Turner. Not to slam Turner but two very different running backs.

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    You know I've never liked Turners style, if it were not for Norwood and the kid they have now Turner would never have stepped it up like he did after a good run stimulated the crowd.

    He heard the cheers and they motivated him to where he wouldn't hide behind a lineman until he was tackled. He would hit the hole or find a hole quick and take off to the races.........LOL, linemen could catch Turner down field
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    i think TG took some of that double coverage away from the burners and as always , he moves the chains especially in clutch situations
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