Arthur Blank has been famous for this. He looked at winning NFL franchises and tries to emulate them. It started with Jim Mora JUNIOR and his affiliation with Joe, ahem I meant Bill Walsh. Ya know, the WCO and all that ****! Then Blank tried a college coach,...sooooooo pig!!! Today everything's just hunkey dorey after so many regular season games won and two division titles in the last 5 seasons.

Now what?

If anyone has noticed, which few have, the Falcons became pass-happy last season. In fact it became more of a passing attack on offense when Gonzales signed in 2009. As I tried to tell the idiots, Mike Mularkey was forced to feature this future HOFamer and this season will be no different. And I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Gonzales has been great the last 4 years in Atlanta. He did benefit from two of the best WRs in the NFL stretching the field out along with a stubborn run game.

This trend could change some however with the addition of Jackson. There's still gonna be the long tosses to Jones and White but now a defensive coor must take into account Jackson, not Turner. Not to slam Turner but two very different running backs.