See that???? It'll be 15 yards, the next time a fine, the next time a suspension.

Roger Goodell says he played "youth football." And that's the reason he understands so much about the game.

I played "youth football" too but in Florida it was called city football. It was kind of like getting prepared for HS football and even further.

Tim Weber,...we were all about 13 and 14 years old in this league. There were 80 lbs. leagues and 90, and 100 lbs. leagues. In late Summer we practiced in some awful weather. Unbearable heat, mosquitos and coaches screaming in our helmets. One guy I could not understand was Tim Weber. Maybe it was cause his Dad made him play football or maybe he was a Mommy's boy but this guy cried constantly through drills and running laps. Damn, sometimes in pratcice you didn't want to hit the guy too hard. But ya'll know I did and I swear he slobbered on my shoulder pads one time. But guess what?

Tim Weber cried every damned practice and stayed on the team. Our first game was against Largo, a big time team at that time in the city league. We went out and tore them a new asshole and coach put Weber in late in the game. That boy started tearing some asses UP!!! He wasn't crying no more either! The next week at practice Weber wasn't crying no more. He turned into a monster football player, blocking, tackling mainly not so much the skill positions but just creating havoc.

And Roger Goodell?,...Weber used the crown of his helmet to block, tackle and RUN THE BALL! Goodell,...pfffffft. I'd have driven his little red haired ass into the turf. And I would've loved to see Tim Weber blast Goodell into the ****ing bench,...LEADING WITH HIS HELMET!