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    Simple Question

    In socialism, at least in the decentralized brand of it, the workers own the means of production. Simple, question what's to prevent that from happening in a free market system? I know people that worked for an employer, gained experience, and then went on to open their own business, in some cases owned by the owners-employees themselves.

    Personally, I think several things prevent this from happening often. The first is that the skills/talents/personality needed to open and run a business are different. The second is that people are ingrained with a "servant" mindset from the time they are in school, the idea that your livelihood and security lies in forces outside of yourself. The last thing that interferes is government regulations and taxes. They are designed to make things difficult for small business, leaving only larger businesses with the resources in the marketplace.

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    If unions actually were what they purported to be, the above scenario would actually occur. The "workers" through their unions could purchase and control a majority ownership of stock, thus having a direct voice as to how business should be done, while actually profiting doubly from their own labor in a supposedly well run business.

    The problem is, unions have adopted an entitlement mentality in which they get more for less work, and are unwilling for the most part to sacrifice anything of their own for any greater good and unwilling to actually bet on themselves in a free market.

    They would rather use their membership dues to enrich union bosses and democrat candidates that promise them everything for nothing forever.....

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    You might find it interesting how the usage of the word "entitle" or "entitlement" has changed over the years. Traditionally it was based on the standard of a legal right, a legitimate claim. The earliest known usage in this manner was 1947 in reference to benefits for WWII veterans. Social Security and Medicare are also entitlements in the same standard, a legal claim or right.

    During the 60's it began to be used in a pejorative manner, both by businesses in reference to benefit costs for employees and by psychoanalysts when labeling certain conditions. This continued throughout the 70's and 80's and continues today, at some point the two definitions became conflated.

    Now when we talk about "entitlement" programs, such as social security, there is a negative connotation even though in this context the word itself is merely a legal designation.


    Language is beautiful, powerful and revealing.

    Another fun one to research are the phrases Jury-Rig and Jerry-Built, which has morphed into Jerry-Rig, however the two original phrases were diametric in their use and meaning. I will leave that for you too look up but its a good one!

    I know this post is off topic, but this is the "off topic lounge" so what could be more apropos? Plus we need more than the polarized political drivel on here!.......

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    The term "entitlement" became pejorative when it became conflated with rights and liberty. Now the line has been so blurred that people think they have a right to everything and anything their hearts desire. The land of equal opportunity has largely become the land of envious, clueless, whiny, lazy spoiled brats. And it's no surprise how this has happened.

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    The word entitlement began to take on a negative connotation when people who had no claim or right to to a benefit (unlike veterans and their earned benefits) began to expect government or other largesse from the pockets of others. Plus, there is a difference between an entitlement (noun) and "an entitlement mentality". But I agree, language is a powerful tool.

    Good try, AZ but much like Gund and most liberals, your 1000 words of saying nothing is pointless.

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    There was no political commentary, just observations on words :-)

    Have you looked up Jury-rig and Jerry-built yet? Your above post would probably qualify as Jerry-built.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZJETFAN View Post
    ...Language is beautiful, powerful and revealing....
    Language can also be used as a weapon or to distort, deceive, etc. Language can also be used to clarify or limit, depending on your perspective.

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