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Thread: Next Years Quarterbacks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet_Engine1 View Post

    Especially on Freshman QB Johnny Glad you liked that one, Glenn
    That was hilarious and you owe me the cleaning bill for one polo shirt, because I laughed so hard I spit out my soft drink.

    Step, our conclusion is not the same (I want Manziel, badly), but that was a great post on Manziel. I'm glad you reposted it because I didn't see it the first time, and that really was an enjoyable read.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsMan57 View Post

    10 years ago I wouldnt want anything to do with Manziel. Yes we still need to see him play more but I think Manziel is coming along at the perfect time with the way the NFL is shifting to the spread college style passing attacks. Manziel may prove not being the greatest pocket passer, but his game will be making plays on the move. He'll probably end up being a smaller, faster (but probably not better) Ben Roethlisberger.
    I've made this comparison before but it bares repeating. IMO Manziel is a Fran Tarkenton clone.

    The first time I saw Manziel play, I got Fran Tarkenton flashbacks.

    Every time since I have watched Manziel play, I get Fran Tarkenton flashbacks.

    When I watch Manziel's highlights on youtube, I get Tarkenton flashbacks.

    When I watched Tarkenton's highlights on youtube, just to refresh my recollection and make sure the comparison really does apply, it was like watching Johnny Manziel in a time machine, the only differences beings, Manziel has better top end speed and a stronger arm.

    Other than that, SAME GUY, its like watching the same guy.

    That said, while Tarkenton never won a SB, he QB'ed his team to the big game three times, each time playing a much better team (Oakland, Miami and Pittsburgh), retired with every significant passing and rushing record for a QB, and was a first ballot HOFer.

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    Sanchez vs Kolb vs Tebow a training camp/preseason QB battle for the ages.

    Garrard, McCelroy, Simms camp fodder.

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    As bad as the Jets will be next year, IMHO they will win at least 4 or 5 games. The only way they go 1-15 is if they replace Rex with Kotite.

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    I Just want to add one thing to my last post:

    Everything Step said about Manziel was true, the good and the bad, thats why I called it a great post and a thoroughly enjoyable read, but I would say this about the concerns Step has with Manziel, every one of those things was said about Tarkenton as well, if you heard what Geno Marchetti said on the video I posted, they didn't think Tarkenton would last two years in the NFL with his style of play, but he lasted 18 and played 14 years without missing a game.


    He was so elusive that you rarely got a clean shot at Tarkenton, and the same is true of Manziel. Its one thing to be fast, and Manziel has that attribute as well, but its another thing to elude tacklers the way he does, and he does it better than anyone I have ever seen other than Sir Francis.

    The other thing is, like Tarkenton, when Manziel is scrambling behind the LOS, if you watch him his eyes are down the field and he is just buying time for someone to pop open, at which point he usually delivers the ball on a dime, standing still or on the move, and unless its a designed run he's only tucking it in and taking off if no-one is open, at which point he turns into a fast and elusive RB or WR in the open field.

    Thats why when you watch an A&M Game, ANY A&M GAME, you are sure to see two things that make you go WOW, first is Manziel scrambling behind the LOS and making a play down the field when it looked like he was a dead duck, and you see that over and over again, and you can visibly see that sucking the life out of a defense, like how the hell do we stop this guy?

    The second thing you see is Manziel finding a crease in the defense and running by and around people like they are standing still, and again you can visibly see him sucking the life out of the defense.

    If I'm wrong I'll be the first to admit it, but IMO this kid is special and he's gonna be "great" at any level.

    As for his off the field (Johnny Vegas) exploits, lets face it, the guys got a little Broadway Joe in him, only without Namath's matinee idol good looks.


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    Well I for one am not holding out hope for either. For multiple reasons, the most important one being that if next year pans out the way many predict, our chances of either being in position, or being able to move into position for one of them just as long as them becoming stud FQBs.

    Lots of info in this thread. Manziel is magic, Bridewater is more prototype, big leadership, big arm. I take either happily, but no way am I passing up an opportunity today because I'm PLANNING on having, or getting one of the top 2 picks next year. You never let a QB you like go by if you need one. If Geno's there at 9, this is an absolute no brainer pick for me. I highly doubt he's there. I DO NOT move up for him, but I take him no question at 9. And I would STILL draft, or try to trade up for either guy next year if I was anything less than absolutely certain about Geno after 16 games. Carry them both for 16 games next season and if manziel/Bridgewater is obviously stud FQB, trade Geno get back some value and accelerate the build around your FQB.

    More than a few anticipated #1 overall, "lock" QBs have regressed in their final season before coming out, so again, I will be thrilled with either one of those guys, but I'm not counting on getting either, nor am I sold EVER, that ANY QB is a lock.

    Don't wait. Draft a QB this year. Just in case. Ya might just get your FQB.

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    Completely agree, Willy, if Geno is there at 9 you grab him and don't look back.

    Also agree that I STILL draft Manziel or Bridgewater next year if I have a chance, unless I am really confident Geno is the real deal, in which case I take Jadeveon Clowney if we have a TOP 3 Pick.

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