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Thread: Next Years Quarterbacks

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    Next Years Quarterbacks

    There seems to be a consensus here (and at Florham Park) that 2013 is a rebuild/repair year. Drop the dead weight, fix Tannys cap mess, get younger and develop some guys....get Sanchez off the roster after the season.

    All of this is sound strategy, but it also seems to hinge on the Jets having a poor year, stockpiling picks for the 2014 draft, and drfting one of the marquee players, one of the "Can't Miss" prospects at QB, namely Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater.

    I agree with cleaning up the cap, and I also agre with making 2013 a rebuild with 2014 being the year to shoot for getting better through the draft in combination with a healthier cap situation. The thing I'm not sold on?

    Manziel and Bridgewater.

    I know the hype with "Johnny Football". The nickname (given to him at A&M before he ever played a down by the student newspaper, btw), the Heisman, the Vegas pics, the hottie etc. But hes also a kid. A phenom, sure, but hes played one year of college ball. Hes small. He plays in one of those Air Raid spread systems. His mechanics aren't that great. He runs a lot, and will get killed in the NFL playin the way he does. I'm just not sold on him being "The Answer". He also seems to be a bit of a punk. Fake ID and lying to the Police. Smart.

    And Bridgewater? Really? What am I missing? How is Bridgewater that much more coveted than Geno Smith? I just don't get it with Bridgewater. I admittedly don't watch a lot of Louisville, but I went on to You Tube to watch some Bridgewater "highlights", and saw a bunch of the same stuff I see with other overhyped prospects. Inconsistent mechanics, backfoot throws to wide open guys, lots of 3 yard routes that a WR or RB takes for 70.

    The point is, are these guys a light at the end of the tunnel? Sure, anything can happen, but I don't see these two guys as can't miss types. I don't even know if either of them will be better Pro prospects than Geno. Heck, Geno has been "The Guy" at WVU for a couple of years now, threw for 45 TDs to only 5 picks this year, has good size, plenty of arm strength, accuracy, toughness, and a quick release. Hes a leader, and is reportedly the type of guy that not only wants to get better, but holds himself and others accountable.

    So someone (GJH, JWilly) tell me why so many seem to be holding out hope for Manziel and Bridgewater?

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    I'm withholding my evaluation due to Brady Quinn

    I loved Quinn as a junior & would have been all over him if he had declared, but I soured on him as a senior.

    I didn't follow Barclay very closely, but it is my recollection that he would have been drafted much higher had he come out last year than it appears he will be this year.

    The guys you're talking about may turn out to be the real deal, but I'll wait until I see them this year before I make up my mind as to what I think about them.

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    Mr Football is doing it in the SEC as a multi-year starter. we'll get another full year look at these two, then the combine to test the arms maybe some other phenom emerges too as JW says its a crap shoot either way and absolutely no guarantee except for p. manning and A.Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet_Engine1 View Post

    So someone (GJH, JWilly) tell me why so many seem to be holding out hope for Manziel and Bridgewater?
    You might be right about Bridgewater. I like him a lot, but I don't love him.

    Johnny Vegas, on the other hand, that kid is the real deal holyfield. :boxer:

    He's not as small as he looks JE, he's 6' 1" and thats taller than Drew Brees (6' 0") or Russell Wilson (5' 11"), and this dude is straight-up magic on the football field. He's the most thrilling college QB I have ever seen. I can't remember the last time I watched a college QB who kept me riveted to his every move, where I'm afraid to step away and miss a play because I might be missing another "I can't believe he just did that" moment.

    This kid makes plays that look like optical illusions, I've never seen anything quite like it.

    If we're lucky enough to draft Johnny Football, IMO we'll be drafting our best QB since Namath.


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    I think part of the argument is that the second tier of QB's like AJ Mcarron, Aaron Murray, etc. are truly worthy of first round grades, from what I understand. So, it's likely the Jets could pick up a FQB in the first round next year, which means using early round picks shoring up other positions on the team in this draft where there is value at other positions.

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    Manziel lit up Saban and Alabama's defense which is stock full of NFL talent, who else can claim that?

    I've seen him a few times and Ham had the correct word to describe him "magic"

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    I gave this as my take in another thread re Manziel...
    Quote Originally Posted by NFLs StepChild View Post
    I'm totally with you. I don't buy into hype. Which ESPN has been in full blown Favre mode with this kid. I get it. He's got a cool nickname. He bangs hot chicks. He makes extremely exciting plays....he's a media superstar.

    But can we see him play some football a bit more before we crown him? Hell we did the same stuff when Vick was at VT....but he was not crowned until he did it again his 2nd year. And that's when we knew he was no great passer.

    It is entirely possible that Johnny Football can not live up to the hype we are giving him. Can anyone provide me with a single game tape where this kid is dominating by throwing from the pocket? It isn't his game. I get it. But we need to know if he has it or not. It seems like every play he is running around away from contact, throwing off his back foot, throwing lobs over would be rushers giving up their position and finding big plays out of a breakdown on defense trying to defend this kid. I can't get a good read on his throwing mechanics at all. Can he deliver a ball on a crossing route with timing, touch and precision and sit in the pocket? Can he deliver a big strike on a 1:1 coverage to the outside without running 1st to that side of the field? This kid plays like he is in full blown adhd mode at all times and nobody can keep up with him. It's AMAZING to watch as a fan. It's a sh*tload of fun to see plays breakdown and this kid improvise and DROP JAWS every other play. But it seems every snap is from the shotgun and he is already running or feigning a run before he is going to pass. Or it's a quick 3 yard slant to his WR. Then every once in a while he will line up and look to read the defense and then set up, and you are like - nice - I can see his throwing motion and give him the eye test...then he will break down and run for 15 yards.... F'ing Manziel.

    It is maddening. I still have no idea how good a precision passer he is. If I was Chip Kelly I am drooling. If you want a spread option QB this kid might be the best one out there right now in all of football.

    But I don't want that at all. I want a traditional QB that doesn't rely on the play breaking around him for him to deliver a ball downfield. I want a NFL QB in the mold of Peyton or Marino. Someone to KILL you with precision passing and brains who doesn't get the crap kicked out of him every season. Looking for a 15 year player, not a 5 year sizzle reel.

    I like Manizel....I am a fan of his and absolutely love watching him play. I don't want him as a QB for my NFL team. Not until he can show me that he can still play better than anyone else once the talent he is facing can negate his athleticism. What happens when he is forced to beat teams from the pocket?
    As to Bridgewater, I am so enamored with him because of his ability to lead an offense and carry an entire team on his back..and not any sort of great team, and against better compeition. And that's in addition to having all of the pieces you look for in a FQB. Accuracy, arm strength, mechanics, instant release, has that snap of the wrist launch you like to see. Plus he is a football junkie, gym rat and has that drive to be the best. He's a pocket passer that can run. Total package type of QB. And he has the it factor imo in spades. Watch the Florida Bowl game and Rutgers games from this year, what stood out most to me was the way this kid saw the field....seems to read the defenses and just pick his spots perfectly.

    In short the kid has all the traits, but runs on IQ and precision and plays biggest in the clutch moments.

    Here is the Florida Game:
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    I plan on watching that florida game on Monday...I've always been a bit of a cynic and have a hard time buying into the "next big thing".

    Good responses here and as always, respect the posters here with time to lay down facts. But I'm on a full on "Trust, but verify" way of thinking.

    Especially on Freshman QB Johnny Glad you liked that one, Glenn

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    Quote Originally Posted by pope View Post
    Manziel lit up Saban and Alabama's defense which is stock full of NFL talent, who else can claim that?

    I've seen him a few times and Ham had the correct word to describe him "magic"
    Manzel's special, no doubt. I'm just thinking of the scenarios, in case the Jets don't have a top 3 pick in the 2014 draft.

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    10 years ago I wouldnt want anything to do with Manziel. Yes we still need to see him play more but I think Manziel is coming along at the perfect time with the way the NFL is shifting to the spread college style passing attacks. Manziel may prove not being the greatest pocket passer, but his game will be making plays on the move. He'll probably end up being a smaller, faster (but probably not better) Ben Roethlisberger.

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