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Thread: We signed Willie Colon

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSGold12 View Post
    Colon is only 29. if hes healthy he could be much more then a stop gap. And we are going to suck really badly this year...why even need a "stop gap". Play Vlad and Caleb or a draft choice and see what they have. Or keep Slauson if you want a hold the fort guy. Coln could solve 1 of our TWO giant holes on the OG position. Eseopcially if we can pry the #13 away from TB and grab Warmack.

    Colon to me has a lot more upside and should have been looked at as a possible loner term answer...which is why I hate the 1 year deal. hated the landry deal too btw.

    Brick- Warmack- Mangold- a healthy Colon- a developng Howard...that looks like a damn nice rebuild to me!
    ARE YOU OK??? a first ROUND GUARD???!! is this really msg?

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    Slauson may be a possibility at this point.

    Quote Originally Posted by AFL12 View Post
    with tanny gone there is no need to "force" vlad on us if he's not real. and at 600K he;s not needed money wise B moore is finding out the market for him is , well.... he might come cheap as a platoon-er I hope we draft a few fast footed big boys
    But I can also see them going with Vlad, Schadenfreude, draft choice & Colon.

    Unles neither Vlad nor Colon can play the right side( I think Colon was a LG, wasn't he?) and I think Slauson can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ret2ski View Post
    He signed with the Chiefs.
    thanks, did not see that one...they r going fast and furious.......

    how bout slauson for cheap...b moore is getting up there in age and we al;ready have colon....

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