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Thread: Lil Danny Wooshead is a Charger

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    Lil Danny Wooshead is a Charger

    Hopefully this will be the last stop of this guys career.
    J-E-T-S! It's not exactly a passion, it's generally more of a sickness.

    FACT: The New York Jets will never win a Super Bowl with Woody Johnson as the owner.

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    More good news.

    Is Belly intentionally ruining their chemistry and p!ssing off the fan base in one fell swoop or what? :confused:

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    Won't be any wide open draw plays courtesy of Tom Brady to take advantage of in SD. Complete fraud.

  4. #4 Woodcock. Guess all the racist massholes will be wearing Brady jerseys this year. All the white midgets are getting sacked. What's Sully from Dorchester gonna do?

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    WHat's funny is, I follow College recrutiing pretty closely and all of the WHITE HS TB'S, all the kids who make TD after TD in HS are viewed as potential college linebackers, almost none are given a chance or recrutied as TB'S.
    Forget measurables, if you're a BLack kid who is 6'2 210 and run 4.6, you play TB, same measurables for White kids and they are automatically linebackers. in college.

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