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Thread: Nick Foles has a historically great postseason passer rating

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    Nick Foles has a historically great postseason passer rating

    Posted by Michael David Smith

    Eagles quarterback Nick Foles isnít just playing well in the postseason, heís putting up passing numbers at a historically unprecedented pace.

    Foles has a passer rating of 122.1 through two games this postseason, the best in the NFL. And when you add in Folesí numbers from his start in the 2013 postseason, Foles now has the highest postseason passer rating in NFL history. Through three career playoff games, Foles has completed 72 of 96 passes for 793 yards, with five touchdowns and no interceptions. That works out to a 116.4 passer rating.

    That 116.4 passer rating is the best in NFL history for any quarterback with at least 75 postseason passes. The quarterback whose passer rating record Foles broke, Jeff Hostetler, had a similar story to Foles: He was a backup who became a starter late in the regular season, and then in the postseason, for the Giants when starter Phil Simms got hurt in 1990.

    There are six quarterbacks in NFL history who have thrown at least 75 postseason passes and have a career postseason passer rating better than 100. Hereís the full list:

    116.4 Nick Foles
    112.0 Jeff Hostetler
    104.8 Bart Starr
    102.8 Kurt Warner
    100.8 Matt Ryan
    100.7 Drew Brees

    Foles will need another good game against the Patriots in Super Bowl LII to remain atop that list. The Eagles would love to see Foles become another Jeff Hostetler.

    "E-A-G-L-E-S ... EAGLES!"

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    What an interesting roll, so I said let's see more. Why is Saint Nick doing so well? What of other QB's who have had darn good QB ratings in the postseason? Exhibit One, Doug Williams

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    Yep Doug Williams had a phenomenal Super Bowl performance with a QB rating of 127, which was a freak for 1988, in their 42-10 blowout of the Untamed Horses, though he struggled through the preliminary playoff's. Was that Super the one in which a Bronco Assistant coach criticized the Hogs a few days before the game? Yes? The strange thing is D.W. also rode the Bucs into the playoff's and under John McKay his passer rating over three games was awful, including two blowouts and an 18.1 rating against your nemesis, the Cowboys. Next up: Vinny from "the U"

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    After the Bucs got rid of young Steve Young along came Vinny. Young and Testevarde probably averaged in the mid 60's for much of their careers with the Bucs but like Doug Williams, each went on to become star performers after being traded to another team. Exhibit B, Vinny Testeverde

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    Yep Vinny's first year with the Jets under the Tuna, he went from being an interception machine to have a 29:7 ratio and his rating went over 100. One year after I think he didn't stay healthy and when he came back it was under different coaches like Groh and Edwards. His playoff performance wasn't at his best caliber, however we move on to Steve Young.

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    There are two Steve Young's who first played for the Bucs, one was a T who moved on to the Dolphins and the other, the QB he got 56 to 65 average ratings two years and when moved to San Fran posted a 13 years career rating of over 101. But he 86'd over twenty-two playoff games so he doesn't come close to Saint Nick's playoff stats, either. 22 is a better sample size than whatever N/F has in playoff experience so far, though.

    Yep Dolphins stuck with the other Steve Young, then tried to make up for it with Brian Griese.
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