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Thread: Falcons at Rams,...wawlcard match

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    Falcons at Rams,...wawlcard match

    Jared Goff 62.1% 3,804 yds 28 TDs 7 INTs 100.5 rating 1st overall pick in 2016 draft 6'4" 210 lbs

    Matty Ice 64.7% 4,095 yds 20 TDs 12 INTs 91.4 rating 3rd overall pick in 2008 draft 6'4" 217 lbs

    Before the 2016 draft a couple sports writers noted Goff looks like Matt Ryan throwing the ball. And from clips and photos it sure looks like both guys are very similar in throwing motions, footwork.

    The Falcons faced Goff in LA last year, a 42-14 Atlanta win. Sacked him 3 times and picked off 2 passes. But that was 13 months ago and Goff is settling in fine as a good NFL QB as far as 2017 goes. The Rams are ranked #1 in *not* throwing INTs and have allowed 28 sacks this season. Matt Ryan has been sacked 24 times. Both QBs enjoy fine run games with great RBs.

    The Rams defense has had problems against the run this season so expect a run-heavy game plan by both teams. Not being a homey but the game Saturday night in LA, at least to me, is the more compelling match than any other come this weekend.

    The last time Atlanta faced the Rams in a playoff game was 2004. The Falcons beat the Rams twice that season. And then the Falcons went to Philadelphia in the playoffs and lost. ummmm,...if the Falcons beat the Rams Saturday night they travel to,...Philadelphia. Turns out in 2004 the Patriots and Eagles appeared in the Super Bowl. And that could be a happnin' again ya'll unless someone like the Rams, Saints, Falcons can change the NFC picture in the 2017 playoffs.

    Footballlocks has the Rams as 6 point faves,...hmmmm. I expect that spread to change.

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    Well the Rams uniforms were a fine makeover and they never should have left. What were Rams doing in St. Louis anyway?

    Fred Dryer and Merlin Olsen may never have gotten a leading role in Missouri! Dryer had roles in over a dozen TV shows and movies!
    My favorite one being Hunter with Stephanie Kramer often wearing a plaid jacket. Sometimes funny, one was acted out like a soap opera.

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    Though a darn good game ensued, I think the Falcons decisive advantage being playoff experience, gave them a constant edge. How this develops is anybody's guess but I can tell you that over the past ten years they had made the playoffs about half the time and most of these playoffs were division, conference, or Super Bowl level.

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