In Monday night's last-minute win over the Oakland Raiders, Nick Foles showed why he's a backup. The quarterback completed 19-of-38 passes for 163 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Foles often held the ball too long, missed receivers high or in the dirt, and rarely hit targets in stride. The veteran backup was particularly woeful on third downs, where the Eagles went 1-14, Kevin Patra of reports.

"I didn't play good enough. I have to play cleaner and, obviously, play better," Foles said after the win. "Third down is a big thing with a quarterback; pin-point accuracy, making good decisions. I'll look at the film, I'll improve. These wins are tough; wins in the NFL are tough. This was a crazy, sloppy game. I thought our defense played wonderful -- giving us an opportunity -- I believe it was five turnovers. That's huge, that was big."

It was a 'hatchet fight' - games good teams survive - games that make seasons .
Foles ? Now the lynch mob is forming ? He just won three straight games , two with last minute game winning drives ! Climb back off the ledge .
You just saw the defense and special teams get back to form , the offense will do likewise.
Keep Celek on Vatai's side all game , give Foles and extra second or two and those receivers will get open down field - it ain't rocket science .