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Thread: Make Way for Mora

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    Make Way for Mora

    Jim Mora does want to get back into N.F.L. coaching, according to when he was a recently interviewed by Cowherd I think. Miami would be the ideal destination for him: haven't been to the Super Bowl since 1985. That's 32 years hence and in that timespan they only hit the playoffs twelve times, and with diminishing returns. Call the first half from 1986-2001 and they've already ten of those appearances. Let's look at the character of the playoff's.

    The last two times I would say the Fins wiggled in due to the introduction of a new coach with an indefensible game plan. Sparano and the Wild Cat. Last year the offense was renovated and the D stood for Disruption under then D/C Vance Joseph: a great loss when he went to Denver. A lot of great coordinators never make it into Head Coaching. It's a different ball game for them. A lot of great Head Coaches were never coordinators. V/J should have stayed on, not to say the D has been entirely gone this season.

    Now all the attention is over to the N.F.C.S. where there are three contending sisters for the Miss South crown. And they all play each other. Sometime in the next two games any one of them could take the title, be entirely forced out of the playoffs, or get a W/C berth. It pretty much depends on individual matchups, that is how each team plays each other.

    It is really no different for the Fins at K.C. Jim Mora still couldn't be our spokesman, not just yet. Their records don't matter as much as say the matchups in the past series, and in such a series, the Fins usually win. I would say the Fins won the last two times they played in K.C. Taken overall, that's 4 wins in 7 appearances there since 1972. Their total series record starting 1972 to now is winning thirteen out of twenty games.

    Bullets not kid ourselves, the Fins are a currently considered a doormat for K.C. to stand on and receive their division title. Who am I to disagree? Hehe

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    Average Overacheivers

    So far this season:

    Rank Offense: POINTS GAINED #26 YARDS #28

    Rank Defense: POINTS ALLOWED #28 YARDS #18

    Last season:

    Offense: #17 (#24 by yards)

    Defense: #18 (#29 in yards)

    Its the points who count, so I'm going to go with the Fins being positioned at #27, as they're 26th on offense and #28 defense. Miami is currently 6-9 and with a .400 winning pct. they're better than nine teams and tied with one, positioning them at #22 or #23 depending on what you think of Cincinnati. Last season - you can see above - the Fins ranked by points at around #17-18 and they attained a winning pct. of .625 which was better than 22 others, thus putting them #10 overall by record. I think the coordinators were the reason that the coaches pulled an average team into the playoffs and have a bottom four team looking almost middling (they were far worse this season without Vance Joseph, who I suppose may yet be available to return in 2018.)

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