Here's your update coming from a sane Falcons fan.

Since this site has gone *NORTH* I've been checking other sites, been posting too and my gawd man,...there are some serious idiots out there when it comes to football. The lack of recognizing obvious facets of the game has resulted in fans becoming complete idiots and I suspect the NFL desires fans to be uneducated. Anyway, this'll be an easy update.

-A loss in Tampa on Monday night and the Falcons will not make the playoffs. Period.

-Falcons are currently 6 pts faves.

-In the last meeting this season, a Falcons win, Jameius Wanston didn't play. Idiot Panthers fans said the Falcons got lucky.

-Again, the Falcons win out this year and they be division champs.

-Both teams will be w/o they great DEs, but not having McCoy hurts the Bucs D more than the Falcons not having Garrett. The Falcons O should put up around 30 pts but,...TeCo(Tevin Coleman), is out with a concussion. That really hurts in the passing game. The RB is a great route runner and receiver.

-On social media several Bucs players have posted they wanna be a spoiler and it starts Monday night. Then the Bucs face the Panthers and Saints. I suspect this will be a "chippy" game Monday night.

I sear to GAWD there are some dumbass Falcons fans. Every gd time I try to associate with these idiots I get in trouble disagreeing with them. I won't bore ya with the details just take my word,...they really ain't worth the time.

So that's it, it's still on. Lose Monday night and pooooooof. season over