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Thread: Next Game in Town

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    Next Game in Town

    Is the last game of the season, against Buffalo. Hopefully Fin fans will be watching to see who will get the Wild Card berth, not who gets the better draft pick. First Fins have to play their next game up there where it's all cold and windy and where Fins players often come home losers. It's a tough stadium that hasn't somehow beat us the last couple times though in this case that means little in view of the series history. Last couple of years the Bills had notoriously poor teams and usually it hasn't been the case.

    The two teams have had 102 games since 1966, usually the Dolphins winning. More precisely their series record is 60-45-1, which actually adds up to 106 games last time I checked. The 102 come from the second (and last) page of the record and for the record, here is the first. But that's beside the point.

    The point is whenever the Fins were very good, usually the Bills were very good also. Together the Fins and Bills formed the Juggernaut in the A.F.C.E. div. during the Quarterback U days ("the U" was known for churning out pro QB's before they were known for their RB's.) Both RB's and QB's from the U gave Fins' fans fits. Think of Jim Kelly and Willis McGahee.

    Buffalo's coach Mark Levy was their Don Shula. He'd coached for a much shorter tenure but in fact came up with many more Super Bowl appearances. From 1987 to 1997 the Bills had eight playoff appearances. Add 2 more after Levy retired, and that's 10 of 12 seasons. By contrast during the same twelve season the Fins have only had 7 appearances with no Super Bowls. All this went on with Marino and either Shula or Jimmy Johnson coaching, who are considered among our finest ever.

    So last week the Fins had won a nice home game against the Patriots, and they win the next one down here almost for certain. But what really matters is what comes in between, in Buffalo and Kansas City. The last Buffalo game I saw some of it, what looked like it was in a freaking blizzard, and it's not going to be pretty up there.

    What do I think will happen? Well J/C isn't yet finished. Cut has endured the weather in Chicago and despite many a losing season there, yet had never been cut himself. The last game I saw of Cutler as a Bear was on TNF and they shut us out (that was 2011; I didn't watch the Fins beat them in Chicago when R/T was still playing.) The offense that Cutler was working with in the beginning of the season is not the offense they have now.

    For the Bills after winning that blizzard game, they currently have inverse of the Fins' record, or 7-6. A Fins will neutralize everything back to 7-7 for both teams and put the Fins in a fine position to take their place in all the playoff scenarios. In all that excitement, the point that other N.F.L. fans couldn't care less about these twenty-something ranked offenses and defenses is not lost on me. Neither team should get into the playoff's based on their performance so far this season, but can you count out the Fins in light of last season's seven game win streak?

    The coach here seems to thrive on adversity and he's got his man at QB, so

    Anything Goes
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    The Longest Season

    Ah another of Cutler's cold games. What can the Dolphins do with a experienced starting QB who gets a 47.5 QB rating for the game? You know if the guy's pattern is set alternately hot and cold, then no matter what he can do or how well he sometimes plays, can the Fins ever expect to be better than .500? First, he wasn't used to the offense. Then, apparently every other team was better used to it, okay? Over time the coach brought out enough new wrinkles to call it a new O, but what in the end for?

    To get the team back up to .500 is the goal for the rest of the season. For Cutler, he has got to win two straight games or else the Fins playoffs chances are zip. Playoffs? After turning the ball over three times like that?

    What’s that? Ah — Playoffs? Don’t talk about — playoffs?
    You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game!

    Another game.

    Err another game out West to Kansas City, as we revisit the site of the Longest Game. I usually don't bitch on Dolphins QB's and Cutler is someone I can identify with. I liked him-any NFL player that shows a human side has appeal for me. Even Jim Kiick wrote, I hate practice. This was on the player quote under his monthly pic in the Fins 1972 Calendar. That's a statement that atoned with me back then. It made him sort of a collaborator.

    Cutler, come on man.
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