Ah nothing unusual, the N.E.P. come down here and lose about half the time. What matters is they lose a lot less under other venues, making the A.F.C.E. the strongest overall division and the Dolphins their primary challengers. What also matters is Miami's defense had been up all night watching Brady films while Christensen unveiled the last tweaks of the new Fin offense.

Julius Thomas atoned for those stone hands with some decent ball defense early in the game, which sets him apart from an earlier midfield toss-up by Parker. Jarvis Landry and Kenyan Drake more than made up for the shortfall in receiving. Eventually Tom Brady came back but turned up too little too late. To add pizzazz, Cutler accidentally threw a nice completion after narrowly escaping a sack. All that was in the first half which gave the Fins a 13-10 advantage that they held on to for a final score of 27-20.