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Thread: Anti-Jets Artillery

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    Anti-Jets Artillery

    Well this is how it works: In consecutive games the Untamed Horses were crushed by the Top Dorsal Appendages and then they shot down the Wind Turbines. In so doing they held their opponents much-esteemed QB to about 40 net passing yards for the latter game, him gaining a 25 QB rating. Final scores were a 23-0 blowout compared to a 35-9 loss in the former game. The Fins therefore are the much better team by performance against a common opponent - without doubt.

    To add to that, Bronco's H.C., Vance Joseph's previous stint had been as D/C to the Fin's H.C. Therefore the Broncos had known every play in the book against their former opponent above. What better advantage for a defensive coach?

    This session ultimately proves this: whenever the Fast Planes Fans had considered themselves to be somehow above SEAWATER, that they were sadly mistaken.
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