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Thread: Vikings in Atlanta!

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    Vikings in Atlanta!

    Well, here it is boys. Ya wanna big game? You got it. The 7-4 Falcons host the 9-2 Vikings Sunday. Hopefully Twoy Aikman does the Saints/Panthers game.

    No one is looking at the Vikings,...they're all enamored with the Eagles and of course the Steelers and Patriots.

    The Vikings defense is sick. No one is saying it but hey ya'll, they defense is the best in the league in several categories. Add the Vikes have a serious run game, good QB play, solid O-line allowing only 7 sacks this year and that translates into wins. The obvious key matchup is,...ummmm obvious. It'll be the matchup of the Falcons O against that stout D and vice versa. The matchup between the Falcons D and the Vikes offense is pretty much even, so the fireworks will be lit when the Falcons offense takes the field. It's a case of if the Falcons O is successful they win the game,...if the Vikings can shut down the Falcons potent O, they win.

    Ahhhh the memories of past Falcons/Vikings games. Minnesota has dominated the Falcons in regular season games thru the years. And I'm not sure if the Falcons have any wins when playing in Minnesota during the regular season. Thank goodness the game Sunday will be in Atlanta. But aallllll Vikings fans recall the NFCCGame in Minny back in 1999.

    The Falcons began the 2017 season 3-0 and all three wins were over NFC North teams. Overall the NFC North as a division has the most wins in the conference,...behind the NFC South. But the Vikings aren't the Lions, Bears nor the Packers. They're all good teams but Minny is solid as a brick house in every phase of the game.

    The Falcons are hot, hot, HOT! The offense has clicked which has resulted in a 3 game win streak,...oh wait, no bragging there cause the Vikings are riding a 7 game win streak. It's easy to see this game is a 'lil more important to the Falcons. At 7-4 the Crows are still behind the 8-3 Panthers and Saints and the 9-2 Vikings are being chased by the 6-5 Lions. Any time a team is rolling it's hard as hell to derail them. Should be a great game,...good luck Vikings fans!

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    Just saying for some reason Minnie has never impressed me. I think the Falcons win, and then they got more problems. This is because Atlanta is only second on their list of their three-game road stretch, the next destination being Carolina. Quite frankly, I think they could lose both games very easily. And then their next road game is at Green Bay, where the Packers are notoriously tough to beat.

    So I see the vaunted Vikings are going to drop to four maybe five losses for the season. This will not affect the Falcons so much, but Detroit could pull up to 11-5 with a much more easy schedule left. They should be able to handle the Bears and Packers as both are in Detroit. Their only road games are against iffy teams like the Ravens and Bengals.

    I just think Atlanta will face an over-rated QB and pick the Viking apart at his seams.

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